Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Accidental Conversation with a Lady in a Bar Today, Playing Fox News...She said "Really?"

My accidental conversation at lunch today, at a bar, which was playing Fox National News (I have to say that our Local Houston  Fox26 is great - just facts, no political slant. I have been their terrorism expert from time to time since the 1991 Gulf War).

Woman, sitting two chairs down from me who is having a beer for lunch (as I stare at my S5 Facebook scroll), suddenly looks at me and says: "Can you believe the President is on VACATION during this crisis with ISIS?"

Me: (Not wanting to get into this conversation and enjoying shrimp quesdillas) "At this point Bush had taken three times MORE days off...and Obama did authorize an attempted rescue of Mr. Foley and the other captives a couple months ago but they had been moved."

Woman, drinking more beer: "Really? I didn't know that!" Then she blurts:
"Can you believe we traded 5 terrorists for Bergdahl?"

Me: "The Israelis traded one of their soldiers kidnapped for 5 years for 2,000 Palestinians...."

Woman: "Really? I didn't know that!" (I try to stare even more intently at my phone, hoping it would end soon)...Then she had to go again:

"Can you believe those people in Ferguson are doing what they are? Now they are rioting on the other side of town!"

Me: "If I had been shot six times for stealing a box of cigars I'd be pissed too."

Woman: SILENCE. "Well I better get back to getting barnacles off my boat."

I looked. Her beer was empty. Fox News continued...

I left with a smile, knowing one of their viewers was now better informed. lol

My story, from farm to Mach 2 travels, to running out of money in Bangkok during the Great Texas Oil Bust and negotiating international kidnapping cases... It ends with "Agenda for American Greatness" - how to become No. 1 again.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Russia to Move More Missiles to Ukraine - Send in the Drones

Reports like the one below say that it is imminent that Russia will send more deadly anti-aircraft missiles into eastern Ukraine, openly enlarging the pro-Russian war that has had bodies falling through peoples' roofs. 

They will be given to same pro-Russians who claimed NOT to have BUK missile launchers to shoot down Malaysia MH 17 and kill nearly 300 people. The same people who then shot down two Ukraine fighters a week later -- using the same type of system! They are bad liars and really don't care that you know it.

These sour men with extreme weapons are doing Mr. Putin's bidding in the Ukraine, a sovereign nation. Ukraine has already lost the Crimea to Mr Putin's hungry Russian bear. Have you forgotten that already?

If I were Obama's adviser I would recommend that we give Ukraine DRONES with hellfire missiles to knock out these weapons as they come over the border into Ukraine from Russia. They DO pose a threat to civilian airliners etc.   THAT would finally send Putin a message he can understand. You can talk all you want and do only so much with sanctions. Putin needs to lose some hardware to understand -- this is something that needs to STOP. Putin is even authorizing artillery fire into Ukraine from Russia!

We do NOT need U.S. troops there. There is no need to repeat the mistake of going into countries with U.S. troops and doing the fighting for them instead of training the local Afghans and Iraqis to do the fighting for their own country.

Putin continues to fuel this war by Russia against Ukraine. On top of that elements in our Congress are helping Putin by not backing the President in an effort to support democracy against men who would steal a nation or two, or three.

Did you know that Putin will not even eat a meal in any country he travels to? It's all brought in from Mother Russia. Uses only land lines from the Soviet days. In short, Putin is "Paranoid KGB" to the max. He continues to miscalculate and then doubles down when his efforts fail.

He needs a united message from Europe that it is time to stop his gangs in the Ukraine and become a constructive partner in the global economy instead of an isolated pariah. If not, then Europe needs to know its neck is on the line and they need to do back up Obama and reign in the Russian bear before more countries become dinner - or more civilian airliners are shot down.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Trillion Dollar Waste - Time to Scrap the F 35 - It's a One Legged 300 pounder in a Marathon

It's one of the biggest blunders in Pentagon history - a new fighter that is on track to cost over $1 Trillion dollars, has killed pilots and failed a war game test with China as the adversary.  I quote:

"The F-35 “is a dog … overweight and underpowered,” according to Winslow Wheeler, director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Project on Government Oversight in Washington.
In 2008, two analysts at the RAND Corporation, a California think-tank that works closely with the military, programmed a computer simulation to test out the F-35′s fighting ability in a hypothetical air war with China. The results were startling.

'“The F-35 is double-inferior,” John Stillion and Harold Scott Perdue concluded in their written summary of the war game, later leaked to the press. The new plane “can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run,” they warned.
Handout photo of workers on the moving line and forward fuselage assembly areas for the F-35 JSF at Lockheed Martin Corp's factory located in Fort Worth, Texas
Yet the F-35 is on track to become by far the military’s most numerous warplane. It was designed to replace almost all current fighters..."

So WHY has Congress allowed this White Elephant to become our next generation of fighters? The fatal flaw, according to engineers, was when they decided to use one engine instead of two.  It's 35 tons of aircraft and the single engine can't manage it.

The F-35 is like a 300 pound person running one leg in a Marathon.  Congress needs to cancel the program. We are building a trillion dollar failure doomed to be shot out of the sky. What we had was better than the F-35.  They made a fatal error in design that can't be fixed.

What we need are innovation companies like SpaceX building fighters instead of the Pentagon.Or maybe get them from the European Joint Fighter program until our guys can get their act together.

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International Investigators are Being Harassed at Crash Site by Pro-Russian Separatists

The pro-Russian scum won't even let the international investigators do their business at the crash site - and are probably trying to hide evidence.

The families can't even get the bodies recovered by these amateur criminals who murdered these people and have every reason to keep the world from getting the truth.

Putin needs to pull the plug on these jerks since he is their puppet master...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Proof it was Russian Missiles - Fired by Putin's separatists in Ukraine

"We have just shot down a plane," says a man the SBU identified as Igor Bezler, a Russian military intelligence officer and leading commander of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. 

The Russians did not do the shoot down of Malaysia Flight 17 over eastern Ukrane yesterday -- it was the pro-Russian separatists who did the shooting.

Russians provided the missiles.

The radio transcripts prove it - a bunch of trigger happy Russian Bubbas who could not tell an airliner from a fighter.

Major: "These are Chernukhin folks who shot down the plane. From the Chernukhin check point. Those cossacks who are based in Chernukhino."
Grek: "Yes, Major."
Major: "The plane fell apart in the air. In the area of Petropavlovskaya mine. The first '200' [code word for dead person]. We have found the first '200.' A Civilian."
Greek: "Well, what do you have there?"
Major: "In short, it was 100 percent a passenger [civilian] aircraft."
Greek: "Are many people there?"
Major: "Holy [expletive]! The debris fell right into the yards [of homes]."

Who did the Ukrainian pro-Russian separatists call after the debris fell? A RUSSIAN military intelligence officer. It struck me as a cold conversation, especially if you were one who had family on that flight.

I say that as someone who has been providing Terrorism Analysis on TV and otherwise since 9 11 and before, as documented at the link.

If it had been a Ukraine transport full of troops --as it was earlier this week--no one in the world would have given a second thought.

Putin has been allowing this to happen by allowing the weapons to cross into Ukraine. He didn't expect his allies to be so STUPID --they thought they were shooting down a Ukraine military plane with troops.

Now the world is rightly awake about Putin's snake-like game to destabilize Ukraine, and  Ukraine will get the attention it deserves.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Americas' Growing Militia Problem - More Dangerous than Iraqs

We have a growing Militia problem in the U.S. that could make us like IRAQ - or worse.

Instead of relying on our US Border Patrol --and countless county constables, sheriffs, etc.-- these gun crazed vigilantes are driving to the border to point guns at women and little kids with a message: "Get back across the border!"

Never mind the kid is 5 and has nothing to survive a thousand mile trek back to Central America...

That's what we have National Guard and border forces for. Do citizens in cities get to play police? No, for good reason. 
We need Congress to STOP these vigilantes from patrolling the border! They have no business there any more than they had the right to threaten federal officers trying to get Cliven Bundy to honor his unpaid grazing fees. In the above case the vigilante was pointing a gun at the border agents.
"Cowboy justice" fueled by crazy wing-nut talk on radio, TV and blogs has fed a new monster that theatens us more than ISIS in Iraq -- American Vigilantes wanting to be "the law"  -- or ignoring it completely. Members of the "Sovereign Citizen" movement don't believe police have any authority, so they shoot at the cops when they are stopped. That is crazy, un-American and criminal.

If we need more border security forces, Congress could FUND it--instead of giving profitable billion dollar corporations like oil companies $21 billion dollar tax free holidays. Over $2 TRILLION in untaxed corporate profits sit in countries around the world. We have money available to address these issues if Congress quit letting corporations have a free ride. Having unlicensed, unhinged civilians walking around confronting people at the border with assault weapons is a BAD idea that no one in their right mind can condone.

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 I have been to the border. I have been to Honduras where many of these kids are coming from. Go to San Pedro Sula, Honduras for yourself and see the conditions for yourself -- if you dare.  These kids are refugees from certain death. Unless we help address the drug gangs creating this nightmare, it won't end.

Congress could help solve that problem too. But in the meantime, our own militias pose a greater danger than any halfway around the world in the Middle East - because they are HERE.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

To Stop the Refugees Stop the Root Cause of the Problem - Which isn't the Border

I have been to Honduras, now the murder capital of the world. It is one of just three countries in Central America where extraordinary levels of violence from gangs ruling the streets stalks these desperate women and children. Unlike the economic illegals coming from countries like Mexico, these refugees are running for their lives instead of coming here for work.

That is a huge difference.  They seek only safety from the murderous gangs walking past their homes in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador--the only three countries in the Americas with this problem. That should be your first clue for a solution. Why have these three countries run off the rails, and not the rest?

Has it occurred to people that the issues we are dealing with everyday are GLOBAL issues --from Iraq to Honduras refugees? The problems originate outside of our borders. That means solving it requires global knowledge and a solution beyond our border. To stop the refugees we have to stop the ROOT cause of the problem - which isn't the Border!

Look at this map - and how far the women and children have to go, most of it through Mexico.

How many in Congress have actually been in Central America and have a clue what is happening there?

I was sent on my first overseas trip to Nicaragua --right before its leader (Somoza) was deposed and President Reagan fired up the Contra war. I saw it unfolding and the attempts to suck us in (that journey is one of many strange travels that unfold in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" my Ebook.) I have been to Belize, which is also getting refugees from Honduras.

Have you seen any Congress member Propose a REAL SOLUTION? Denying entry into the U.S. or sending these refugees back to their home country guarantees death. That is not a "real" solution; it is certainly not a human one.

We aren't hearing any real solutions from Congress because they don't live in the real world and don't have any.  I have worked in over 50 countries to date in a world of 200. International travel gives you insights, insights I would not have if I had stayed on a farm in Iowa.

"Closing the border" to little kids isn't humanitarian and won't fix the real problem until the violence in Honduras is addressed and stopped. That violence is sending these waves of women and children our way.  Government failure in those three countries is allowing this. Why can't they operate like surrounding countries?

Until that issue is addressed by the government of Honduras and El Salvador and our State Department we will continue to face the inhuman prospect of sending these terrified vulnerable people back to certain death -- or keeping all of them in the U.S.

To "fix" it we must get these countries to address the reason the women and children are coming here in the first place - fear for their safety back home.

As an entrepreneur in America and across the planet if I didn't have a solution to whatever problems came up (and they always do) I was screwed. I had to invent a solution, while keeping my wits, remaining calm and focused. Our Congress needs to learn how to do that.  It does require creative thinking, and action, which may be the problem.

Many in Congress focus totally on sending these women and children back to cities of death and despair.  None have addressed "fixing" the source problem - the violent gangs controlling and killing their kids in Honduras. The same gangs are running amok in Guatemala and El Salvador where the other refugees are coming from.

If you want to see what I saw in Honduras, and the Middle East, its in "Better Times Ahead April Fool"

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  • Being the legal negotiator in Syria for a Texas mom whose 12 year old daughter was taken to the Mideast without her consent
  • Dodging international fraudsters in Amsterdam and Brussels in Europe via "Some Like it Hot"
  • Being kidnapped in East Texas after an emergency landing an aircraft I was flying due to an electrical failure. It saved my life
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