Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Asian Spring? First Challenge to Dictatorship in China Since Tiananmen

Are we seeing the beginning of an Asian Spring, in China? Or the prelude to another bloodshed like Tiananmen when students wanting democracy were crushed by tanks and guns.

Tomorrow is "National Day" in China. This photo is me, when I happened to be there on national day during a legal negotiation in 1982. I have stayed connected to China's evolution ever since.
 Above: Michael Fjetland, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China 1982
Above: Michael Fjetland, Hong Kong, 1982

Not since the Chinese Tiananmen Square incident in  Beijing in 1989 - when the government destroyed student protestors -- has China been confronted by protests on its streets.  A small gathering of students demanding FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY has grown dramatically.

This time the protests are in a unique area. It is not the northern capitol of Beijing, but in the southern province of Hong Kong, which was controlled for over a century by England. That all changed in 1997 when they cut a deal to return Hong Kong to China's control, based on promises by Beijing that Hong Kong would be "special" and allowed to elect its own leaders. Now they are changing the rules.

Hong Kong students have been joined by up to 300,000 citizens in their fight for the democracy.   In 2017 Hong Kong Chinese --unlike the 1 billion on the Mainland subject to one-party Communist rule - were to be allowed to vote for the chief executive of Hong Kong.

China wants to renege on the deal. They want to "select" the candidate the people could vote for. It's the same thing as one-party dictatorship, not democracy.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

This is What I Saw in Syria - Ready for some Reality? Or Go Over There Yourself

America - I am seeing a lot of false information going around on Facebook and Social Media. Heads up!

The only people who really know what they are talking about regarding Syria and the Middle East are the few who have actually been there --especially if they have international legal experience.

I am one of those rare people. Have YOU been there? How about listening to someone with actual knowledge instead of someone forwarding misleading photos on Facebook?

 Michael Fjetland at Great Mosque, Damascus, Syria
 Michael at back of a Christian church in Maloula, Syria - this used to be the hidden entrance back when Christians were killed by Romans for their faith. Sound familiar?
 This photo is Maloula, the Christian town just north of Damascus. One of the men was our driver. His car was a small, white Mercedes.

I documented it in a book of my global experiences. I added photos of what it looks like today.  I made the book as cheap as Amazon and Barnes & Noble would allow--its not intended as a money maker but as a reference source for Americans wanting to know what is going on over there and what we can do about it.The final chapter "Agenda for American Greatness" offers SOLUTION to make America No. 1 again - its a free chapter at the website.

Americans need to know exactly what is going on in Syria (not to mention the rest of the world). We have a lot at stake whether we like it or not. Could ISIL/ISIS attack the U.S.? Will this drag us back into a place we don't want to go? Do we have a choice?

ISIS/ISIL has beheaded two American journalists and a British one, along with countless children, women and men in Syria and Iraq. They are even relentlessly killing other Muslims, which violates the Koran (which I am reading to find out more about what's in it.)  ISIS is as intolerant as Hitler. There is no negotiation with their absolute intolerance and their indifference to killing thousands of innocent people.

Until you read and consider what I experienced over there, you might as well ask plumbers to advise about Ebola. They are just guessing. Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and the rest are bullshiting you - none of them have been over there and seen what I have seen. Or done what I have done.

Here is my own example of why experience matters. I have been doing global negotiations for three decades - have practiced law in over 50 countries but I had never been to Norway. So I should already know it, right? Wrong.  I read up on it before a trip and thought I really knew all about Norway it. When I got there in 2011, I realized that I didn't know squat about Norway. A week on the ground and lots of debriefings later, I was an expert. But not before then.

For daily events, I recommend you follow my Global American Values blog. Otherwise, you are listening to amateurs who have no clue. Until you have actually been on the ground in Syria (or any country for that matter) you are CLUELESS.

I was in Syria as an international attorney negotiating a child kidnapping case. Know anyone who would do that?  The child was actually a few miles away in Lebanon. I was in Syria's capitol Damascus, one of the longest continuously inhabited cities on Earth. I document this story and what it looked like in my ebook "Better Times Ahead April Fool"

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who Got Bribed at NASA for BOEING to win over More Advanced Dreamchaser?

I have one question: WHO got bribed at NASA to declare Boeing's untested capsule a $4 billion winner over the more advanced Dream chaser?  The Dreamchaser is the only vehicle under consideration for NASA's private launch initiative that takes off and lands on a runway unlike all the other selections by NASA? 

I live 5 minutes from NASA and have worked with advanced technology worldwide so I am familiar with what NASA does. And I know people at NASA. I highly respect their astronauts but have great reservations about their management. Common sense doesn't seem very common in their decision making. This selection proves my point.

Because if someone was not bribed then it ranks as one of the stupidest decisions by mediocre minds in the space agency in a generation. Basically NASA just passed over a reusable craft in favor of a technology that is a half century old - and put all its eggs in one basket. It went with Capsules, capsules and capsules.

Boeing's capsule needs over 20 square miles to land in water and the expense of ships retrieving it from the ocean. The Dream chaser (photo below) would take off from a runway and land the same way for the maximum efficiency to bring costs down.

NASA is building the Orion, a capsule. It just contracted with Boeing, for another capsule. Why build two of the same kind? That's duplication and a waste! SpaceX also flies a capsule. That is three in a row. It appears that NASA picked the least advanced technology with the best political connections instead of the best technology regardless of the politics.

NASA's decision awarding a contract to SpaceX was justified since SpaceX is currently shuttling payloads successfully to the space station, and it will soon have the capability of landing itself on land. But why did it pick Boeing that hasn't even made a test flight?  And something else they did looks damn peculiar

NASA gave Boeing $4 billion of the $6 billion contract for an untested capsule! It gave Space X only $2 billion, even though its technology has been working! How does this make any sense?

Here are photos of what NASA has selected:

Boeing capsule

Here is a photo of NASA's Orion capsule:

Here is a photo of SpaceX's capsule:

Do you feel like you have double/triple vision?

Now here is a photo of Sierra Nevada's Dream chaser:

And here is how it would look in space:
There needs to be an investigation. Success depends on a reusable craft like the Dreamchaser that can land on a runway instead of an ocean far away from land. 

I found this statement about the bidding process on the Sierra Nevada website. Apparently they also feel something was wrong with the bidding process at NASA. I hope they pursue legal action and an investigation into this award by NASA.

This is not your father's NASA making decisions. Let them hear your voice too.

Please pass this along so America can get back into the lead space technology with the best technology instead of the technology selected by politics and limited thinking.

Upgrade White House Security Before Its Too Late

I am starting the re-write of my original "Fire Over Arabia" still fits today's crazy world as much as the original did.

The original, written in 1990 (but not published) was about a terror attack on the U.S. AND a war in the Middle East. The photos represent what I predicted - Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 was targeting either the Capitol building or the White House (which is harder to see from the air than Capitol Hill).

We could have lost the entire Congress that day, including my nemesis, Tom DeLay. If Congress were wiped out today, there is no way to replace representatives without Special Elections, whereas the Senate could be appointed by Governors.

The photo also represents what I was warning about in the linked video - which I made in 1994! 7 years foresight should count for something.  I talked about it during the Gulf War in 1991:

And here is the 1994 version:

After the recent White House breach by the man jumping the fence, terrorists now know how easy it would be to breach even that secure location. So if a bunch of right wing thugs (or Isamists) hit it with heavy weapons, this is what could result. They need to put a second fence around it with a moat in between--it won't spoil the view but makes a terror attack on the first family much harder.
I am TOTALLY serious. Death threats against Obama are triple of what Bush had, simply because of his color.

In my book "Better Times Ahead...," I talk about how the book came about as a result of a lay off. Yes, bad things that happen to you can open your eyes.

Standby for updates on key issues that impact all of us by following the
Global American Values blog:

In the meantime, UPGRADE the access to the White House NOW. Breaching it from the street has been proven to be too easy. Fix it before it happens again. The occupant in 2017 will need it just as much as President Obama does now.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Separation of Politics and Business - If only the Koch Brothers and Fortune 500 Followed it

Has this happened to you?

I just had a heater guy come to check the heat unit at my place.

Out of the blue he says something political.  He assumed I thought like he did. Assumptions are dangerous and usually wrong. Especially when you are at someones HOME.

I didn't say anything but it really made me mad. A business person should NEVER inject a political statement while on a trade call. Bad form. I won't say who it was, but I won't use them again for that reason. It's bad enough to see TV news injecting slanted politics.

You may not believe this BUT i keep my business and politics SEPARATE.

Global American Values is my political side. It's about making America BETTER and SMARTER.

Few of my Armor Glass customers know my view or that i have written a book or had a bunch of incredible global adventures few ever dream of.

Why? Because the focus is THE CLIENT, not me, or the rep. If I go to someone's home and started going off on how wonderful and clever I am, they would be right to wonder "who the hell is this guy?" LOL. I have seen reps do that so I have to remind them NOT to go there.

I have a CODE OF CONDUCT for my company reps and installers. Political debates on the job are off limits! If a customer makes a political statement, they are to either keep quiet --even or agree with them (the memo says they can go throw up outside later but don't get into a debate with a customer on politics!) An argument is ground for termination immediately.

I devised the code because of an experience a few years ago not long after I started Armor Glass. I had one installer (and only one and he's gone now) who actually got into a debate with a client while he was installing our security film on the man's house down in the (Rio Grande) valley. The client never mentioned it to me --the installer was dumb enough to say to me: "That guy doesn't understand politics." That steamed me.

I told him that clients aren't paying us to hear his Effing political opinions! He (or she) is supposed to be focused on doing a top job not debating a client who is paying us and will refer people if you aren't being an ass and making them mad. So I wrote the Armor Glass Code of Conduct.

Same goes for my Sales Reps - NO politics allowed. I won't even let them put a bumper sticker on when representing us. Some people will like a sticker but it just makes half of the people mad. That's DUMB for a business.

Ironically, what I do protects the butts of people with whom I don't agree with politically (as well as those I do, like the client in the valley.) In this business the "fear" people (the R's) are my best clients, usually upper income. To their credit, none of them have really mentioned politics to me, primarily because they are focused on personal security.

But it is IRONIC that it is a progressive liberal that is providing the security they are using for protection. Even MORE IRONIC: the conservatives in competing businesses aren't providing the quality stuff this progressive does.

Instead of offering the same quality, most of the conservative guys come in and sell the clients discounted cheap crap --like worthless solar film that doesn't provide breach protection from a burglar or hurricane force winds when you live in a burglar/hurricane zone. They undercut us by 10%-20% by offering something half as good. Instead of getting security film, they get cheap stuff that will fail. How is that good? The customer doesn't even know it - film looks the same once its on the window.

Frankly, they offer cheap alternatives to grab peoples' money - like selling you a 2 ply tire but promising it to be "just as good" as a 4 ply tire. Yeah...and the person thinks he or she is saving the money when they never got what they wanted. They got cheated. I don't play that game. I provide quality of material and personnel. period. No games.

I have a Code of Conduct for my company because I want a brand that says first class -- without politics involved or muddying the water.

My personal views are here, NOT on my Armor Glass blog...

As it should be...agree?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Big Difference: USA Has 5 Arab State Partners for ISIS - Sunnis dropping bombs on Sunni Extremists

Obama was SMART - instead of us being the Calvary riding to the rescue of failed states like Iraq (thanks Bush) and Syria, the President took the time to get 5 ARAB countries involved--4 of them flying fighters and dropping bombs.

 Now we have Sunni's bombing Sunni extremists -- instead of it just being us "Christian" westerns appearing to be the only one "beating up" the Muslim natives.  This is IMPORTANT.

This Arab coalition shows that Muslims oppose these extreme killers who are even blowing up Muslim Mosques.  The only problem is that all of our allies are monarchs.

BIG difference...!

Imagine an ISIS/ISIL with an AK 47 --or driving one of our stolen tanks-- and he looks up to see its Bahrain and Jordan flag on the plane dropping a big bomb on his ass.  That is one less fighter butchering Christian and minority children and raping women they bought for $1 after an ISIS raid on dozens of Kurd and Shia villages...

Consider this: If the bomb hits civilians, it is an Arab country doing it, not just us. Let them be mad at Egypt and Qatar instead of us.

Thank god we have  a Smart(er) President who doesn't rush in like a fool (like 2003, which set up the rise of ISIS). We have a wise, thinking President who plays a smart game in an ever changing, complex world...

Take a Trip to Syria Without Losing Your Head - Right Here...

Today I heard a guy say "There aren't any 'moderates' in Syria. I know that's wrong. Why? Because I have been there and met them! I gave the man a card with my book link. He was interested.

How many of you have been to Syria? How many have been to Turkey? I have been to both countries - as an adult. In Syria it was a child kidnapping case.

If you want to see what Syria looked like before Assad started murdering his own people and ISIS/ISIL became a cancer from the Iraq war, then check out  my insights in "Better Times Ahead Apri Fool."  It shows Syria before and after the war started. It traces the last 30 years from Reagan's wars (he helped Saddam for 8 years in a war against Iran), to Bush I, Bush II, 9/11, etc. It even traces how we got into this economic mess, and how we get back to No. 1 again.

Regarding TURKEY - I didn't cover it in the 2013 Ebook because I was just there for the first time last December. While there I viewed the grave sites of the Virgin Mary and St. John in southern Turkey to Istanbul. I will cover it in my Global American blog in coming days...How many of you know that the Virgin Mary and Jesus are honored in the Koran? Right...

I love it when bubbas who have never been outside of Texas or Anytown USA start spouting what they think about Syria, etc.  That would like me claiming to be a climate scientist, which I am not. My climate views come from LISTENING TO CLIMATE EXPERTS, not from the oil industry or idiots on talking head TV.

In the coming weeks we are going to see a lot of news about Syria and Turkey (which is a problem for us since terrorists are crossing its borders).

I made the price as low as Amazon would let me. I tried to make it 99 cents but both Amazon and Barnes have a floor of $1.99.  It has eye popping photos so you can get a 'feel' for it.

Read and learn without the risk of going yourself and losing your head. Please SHARE.