Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jumping Fish & a Hurricane

The fish are really jumping this morning in Clear Lake. They don't always do it but today has been active --maybe it's the change in the air brought on by soon-to-be Hurricane Alex.

The sky has a different look from the usual summer haze. The air is a crisp blue and towering clouds are building. A brief torrent of rain hit about 3 a.m. - fortunately I had brought in the balcony TV or it would have been soaked.

Business is booming. People always wait until the train is coming before deciding to act. It's a good problem to have, considering the alternative. I still remember having nothing to do during the Texas 80's bust.

Yet being offline can be beneficial in ways you can't imagine. I'm still careful about what I spend and it was during the 80's and 90's downtime that I first developed a fiction manuscript about a potential terrorist attack on the U.S. That is what led to doing TV appearances as a terrorism analyst. And all that led to setting up a green company that provides protection for people and their property.

Standby for a wild week with Alex. I will be in my car office constantly this summer/fall...You can follow those activities from our new Armor Glass blog: http://armorglass.blogspot.com/

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