Monday, July 26, 2010

"Where there is no vision, the people perish:..."-Proverbs. 29:18

It's supposed to be a recession, right? If its a recession why don't they return calls?

Explain to me if it is so bad that nearly a half dozen real estate agents failed to return calls from my agent about properties for sale on Clear Lake? Either they have more business then they need -- OR our service hustle has fallen through the floor.

The complaints about service came from the agent (from the Woodlands no less) who was trying to line up properties to view over the weekend. He said that despite numerous calls to agents several failed to even return his call. Obviously, the agents had "checked out" for a weekend and weren't that desperate for a fee. If they needed a deal, they should have been calling right back, right?

What's astonishing is that the agent said this happens all the time. And agents don't use technology to make it more efficient.

I was talking with another guy at a Rotary meeting about the state of things and he felt that people now just did enough to "get by." I think that attitude exists in a lot of industries.

Without a change in our attitudes, we are in serious trouble regardless of what government does or does not do. The best government in the world can't help a population that is by hanging on to old technology when the rest of the world is adopting the new.

I see this happening - America is losing its leadership in the world because we aren't moving forward. India and China both have adopted "Green technology" drives to reduce carbon and increase their dominance of this emerging 21st century technology. While America does nothing....

Our grandchildren will pay the price: in lost high-tech jobs and an overheating planet.

Remember this. "Where there is no vision, the people perish:..."-Proverbs. 29:18

America loses its leadership when its' people have no vision.

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