Friday, September 17, 2010

Sex in Space? Energy? Our unemployment could be 6.5% TODAY

Sex in Space? Energy from Space? Space Jobs?
Our unemployment could be 6.5% TODAY if we had people with the skills

Conservative columnist David Brooks recently said that our 9.6% unemployment rate would be only 6.5% if we filled every empty high tech job available today. That's TODAY - not tomorrow or next year.

The problem? We don’t have people with the skills to fill those jobs!

That is an entirely different problem than creating jobs ("Where are the Jobs?") It turns out the jobs are right here, but we don't have the people with the skills to fill them.

These high tech, high paying jobs will only grow as we enter an era of commercialization of space, which the NASA-trained guest on the Global American radio program this week said is about to become a “trillion dollar business.”

The problem for America is that we aren’t producing people with the high tech skills needed to fill those jobs. Right now Texas ranks 51st in the percentage of adults with a high school diploma – dead last and behind even Washington DC which was included in the study by Brookings (see link):

So, how will America compete in the 21s century with people that don’t have the education to do the high-tech jobs that will drive our economy forward? We could be enjoying a better 6.5% vs. 9.6% problem RIGHT NOW. (So the real question should be: Where is the Training?)

This week the Global American radio program explores the commercialization of space which is producing our next generation of jobs and technology leadership. We also discuss how NASA’s programs have spun off commercial technology from the computer to the heart value used by Dr. DeBakey to save lives.

Did you know that the moon’s soil has both oxygen and water in it (45% oxygen)? Did you know that NASA technology intended for operations on Mars has been taken by entrepreneurs to make fuel cells on earth which use 50% less energy to power buildings for companies such as eBay and Google? Did you know that private companies like Bigelow have invented inflatable space hotels that could house tourists in space?

My guest this Saturday at 9 am Central time is Tom Dingleman, who has worked at NASA and with space technology for over thirty (30) years. He discusses how the “Space Act” allows companies to commercialize any NASA technology they wish. One hitch: NASA is not allowed to advertise that opportunity!

Over 60 countries now have space programs. We may not discuss whether there is sex in space (that subject came up after the interview), but we talk about everything that you need to know about America’s space future -- which is happening right now! Will our people have the training and vision to take advantage of it?

Find out by tuning in on Houston’s Business 1110 AM at 9 am Central time, which is streamed on

It will also be available on our website:

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