Sunday, December 26, 2010

“You bought us a GOAT!?”

“You bought us a GOAT!?”

That was the reaction from two teenagers and a 7 year old when they read the card their grandmother had given them – after they had received a number of expensive gifts from their family, from IPhones to a Wii.

“In Africa?” That was the next statement they made, almost in unison when they realized they received a gift from “Gran” that would be a goat donated to a family in Africa, so it could produce milk and a living for a family in Africa.

You could see the wheels turning as they tried to get their brains around this unusual gift. The big kids just looked puzzled at a gift they didn’t get to hold. Instead it was going to someone else far away – someone with far less than they had in the U.S.A.

Finally, one of them said: “How much did you spend on this goat?”

“Fifty dollars” said Gran. You could see her brain calculating how much stuff she could have bought with $50. These kids go to church every Sunday; yet they didn’t make the connection. They just looked puzzled.

It was the 7-year old who shook off his shock and really got excited, asking a series of questions, like: “Would we get the goat here and send the milk over there?” No, they have goats in Africa. Shipping a goat and milk would be too expensive.

The expression on their faces? PRICELESS.

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