Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can America Win Global Tech Race?

Can America win the global technology race when even some of our leading institutions are lagging in adopting cutting edge technology...?

For example. I know of a vital technology that would protect every home and office in America from damages caused by storms and burglars to their weakest link, something that would pay for itself while also providing much needed solar heat relief.

Yet it remains relatively unknown in the U.S. even by U.S. architectural professionals. America and our States are in jeopardy of losing the global tech race. In the global high tech 21st Century tech race, we cannot win without being cutting edge.

Yet I discovered in my research that it has been around 40 years. I met a man from Northern Ireland who told me that they starting using security window film in Northern Ireland as a means to protect people from flying glass caused by IRA car bombs.

Unlike Al Qaida, IRA bombers phoned in a two minute warning. So after getting a call, authorities could have sirens sounded. At that point people ran away from windows, which burst into flying shards of death in the blast wave.

Security window stopped that threat by capturing the glass in its adhesive web. Even if the pressure overwhelmed the film, at least it would be just one large flying piece instead of a thousand jagged shards of lethal flying glass. Bonding film to the frame made the system sufficient to deflect an explosive blast wave, which you can see on video at

Yet in the USA, this relatively "old" but highly effective and needed U.S. security technology remains unknown outside Florida and Washington DC.

It cuts a person's power bill, protects them from burglars and hurricane debris (and water damage), and the best part --it pays for itself over time!

What else have you bought that ever paid for itself? Nothing, right? My car, etc. cost money, they don't cut my power bill. Security window film like Armor Glass does both - pays for itself and provide security you don't have today. It helps the rich and poor alike, equally.

Do you remember the story about the three little pigs: how one built a house of straw, one built a house of wood and one with brick? When the bad wolf came along along only the pig in the brick house survived.

To survive, Armoring Your Glass is necessary as a first step. Your glass is your building's weakest link. Anyone can go through it in seconds. A break allows water intrusion and mold issues to become major costs. Armor Glass film would avoid those damages.

True story. Armor Glass film was recently put on a lady's house. Five days later someone tried to break in. He failed. Only because of Armor Glass film.

She said the burglar easily broke the outer pane that had no protection on it but only managed a 2 inch x 4 inch hole on the inner pane attached to our film. Then he gave up and went away. Imagine the difference between that and having all your stuff stolen?

Check it out at as a security measure that also makes economic sense in these times. If it provides security AND saves money on energy enough to pay for itself. Can anything get better than that in these days?

Using it would also put Americans on the cutting edge of technology once again. It would create a whole new clean green job industry and make a lot of people sleep better at the same time...

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