Friday, January 20, 2012

Finally! A Flat Rate Doctor!!!

I discovered something new and cool in the medical field - a flat rate Doctor!

For years I have carried medical insurance, but as an individual the rates are high and the deductibles even higher. I have been getting popped with $100/month increases each year. When they wanted over $600/month for a $5,000 deductible policy I finally said "no way" and dropped it.

THEN, i had a medical issue I needed to have a professional check out. That's when I discovered close to me a "flat rate doctor" who doesn't take insurance. She is an internist and charges a flat monthly fee which depends on your age. For my age (62) the rate is $145 a month!

For $145 I actually got to see the doctor - and see her multiple times a month, if necessary, for the same flat rate. With insurance, I was paying almost $600/month and STILL had to pay for the doctor because I never used $5,000 worth of services in a year.

Now I actually get something (medical access) for a fraction of what i was paying.

Yeah, yeah, I know - if I have a "major" medical problem I am uninsured but so what. In three years I will be eligible for Medicare and in the last 30 years I haven't even been in a hospital.

I figured I'd rather have the treatment than the high cost of med insurance. If any of you are in the Clear Lake area and want a referral to my new "flat rate" doc, let me know. She is smart and even set it up so that blood work I needed was billed to her ($50) instead of me having to pay Quest diagnostics $325 for the same test!

Things change and times change. This new "flat rate" medical service could be a model for the future - she will even send emails to clients who have questions!

P.S. After her examination, I felt relieved (I was worried I had a potential blood clot but she found no evidence of it). When you have an issue, go to a PRO! Don't think you are the expert in a field you know nothing about (that will come as a shock to a lot of politicians!)

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