Friday, August 30, 2013

The Streets I Walked, Filled With Killer Gas - "Better Times Ahead"...

 There are photos of Damascus streets that were filled with deadly gas in my book "Better Times Ahead April Fool" – the same streets I once walked on a mission; streets where artillery shells and chemical gave has been used.

If you REALLY want to make an INFORMED opinion on Syria instead of posting your opinion based on...exactly what? Speculation? How you "feel"?  Gimme a break. I have been there and it wasn't as a giddy tourist. You should base your opinion on FACTS - not some bloviating talk radio host whose international experience was in Disney Land and would fill their pants if they even got off an aircraft in the Middle East. They have zero expertise in this area. 

Syria was one of nearly 50 countries I have negotiated in. If that doesn't count then America is doomed to make yet another foreign policy blunder (I argued AGAINST the Iraq war - no one listened then either - my proof is online on YouTube. You find find them by searching "Michael Fjetland.") Acting without knowledge, and against what I said on TV then in 2003,cost America $5 Trillion and hundreds of thousands of lives.

If you have an interest in America's role in the world and the Syria issue then you should read that chapter in my book (Seven, I think) if nothing else --although the rest is a true adventure story with solutions on winning the 21st century in the last chapter.Syria is different, and weird, and getting weirder. It's laid out in the book.

In Better Times Ahead you SEE FOR YOURSELF from photos, mostly taken by me, what those streets looked like then and now. Plus I talk about the history of the Assad's and what is REALLY going on there. Its complicated.

Until you have been there yourself, I suggest you form an opinion based on facts and evidence by someone who has ACTUALLY BEEN THERE...

Few in Congress have even been there --they watched the gassing while off on vacation for a month in Somewhere USA – not Damascus.

Otherwise you are just GUESSING.

And how does guessing lead to a right decision?

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