Monday, August 31, 2015

Trump/GOP: Stop the Hate campaigns against Minorities, Women, Gays, etc.

Donald Trump has been the one who would say OUTLOUD (and with great arrogance) the bigotry many people feel but never admit. 

Most of these people are "white conservatives" who dislike people beyond their small group as much as ISIS dislikes those who are outside its narrow-minded group. Neither accepts the diverse world that we live in.

The standard-off-the-shelf-politician would say such bigotry in "code" -- using dog whistles, eye winks and evasive non-answers expressed with great seriousness. Its the same attitude underneath even if not expressed as crass and arrogantly as the Donald has been saying it. 

This meme from Facebook sums it up well:

It is past time for this bigoted language about women, Hispanics, illegals, gays and every other targeted minority group to STOP! It's un-American! 

I have yet to see an illegal running a Fortune 500 company or getting elected to Congress or running a hedge fund that brings down our economy. I have seen members of Congress and hedge funds bring down the American economy! They will shut down the government over the prospect of people getting healthcare or by selling junk bonds that crash the economy.

I have seen illegals doing work Americans won't do in the nastiest of jobs in meat packing plants, picking crops in dusty fields, etc. They pay sales taxes on their store purchases, real estate taxes are included in their rents -- and none of them qualify for any "free" benefits or fat government subsidies for shipping jobs overseas. None of the illegals have renounced their citizenship so they can park their money in Swiss bank accounts and live in the U.S. without paying their share of income taxes.

AMERICA is a DIVERSE NATION. We are a land of many religions and colors that coexist peacefully. We don't have Shiite versus Sunni battles or Protestant versus Catholic battles. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc are all free to worship side by side as they please.

Yet the GOP party has treated each minority group with fear and worked to suppress their constitutional American right to vote by enacting "voter suppression laws" across the U.S. after they took control of a majority of state legislators in 2010. I wrote about this and my experiences running for Congress in "Better Times Ahead April Fool."

I have traveled the world as a legal negotiator and come to know its people well. I have lived in one of the most diverse counties in the U.S. --Fort Bend, Texas. Fort Bend is what America itself will look like a few years from now when it becomes a minority majority country. It will be a country in which NO group has a majority, except for Hispanics in places like Texas.

If the GOP and its white supporters want equality when they are in the minority then it is time for them to stand up for minority voting rights now--and to start treating all groups with respect!  

None of the current GOP candidates meet this "respect diversity" test required to be an American president.  It is past time for all of the GOP candidates to denounce the dog whistles and arrogance bigotry towards women and minorities, or admit that they have become a fringe lunatic party that only represents intolerant racists.

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