Sunday, January 24, 2016

13 Hours - How it was a local CIA Station Chief, not Clinton or Obama, Who delayed a Rescue...

I Just saw "13 Hours" about the Benghazi attack.


I did NOT see it as a hit piece-- I say that as a supporter of Hillary (I like Bernie but am supporting Hillary who has the global expertise required).  It shows what's its like to be in a de-stabilized country. It looked authentic to me, since I have been in de-stablized countries (once flying into Thailand a day after a coup and being in Syria) described in "Better Times Ahead April Fool' )...

One of the Benghazi survivors, "Tig" confirmed on Fox News that it was the CIA station chief in Benghazi who said "stand down" - NOT Clinton or Obama. 

That CIA chief is probably the reason the ambassador died of smoke (not bullets.)  I have been in that part of the world. Once things fall apart communication with the rest of the world gets difficult and complex fast.  In the old days a phone call out of India would take me 4 hours. It takes hours to travel into these areas.

Final take-away: It was LIBYANS who rescued them in the end. That should tell you that not all Libyans are bad guys...duh.

The problem was telling who is who - who were the bad guys. Notice our guys didn't just shoot everyone outside the compound!

if we had a mass of people running the streets carrying AK 47's (in their case, all looted from Col. Qaddafi's armory after his fall), how would we know who was a good guy or a bad guy? Right? No one has a uniform.

Go see "13 Hours." It's dramatic, authentic and educational..

P.S. As a person who spent 911 on TV as a terrorism analyst, the one thing it does miss and downplays too much is that there WAS an Inflammatory VIDEO released at that time by an American religious zealot that WAS meant to cause this kind of adverse Islamic reaction. The timing was the worst.

In fact, since i follow this having been there, it did cause, Muslim reactions and protests as far as Egypt. It was a word grenade that played into Al Qaida's hands.  Amb. Stevens paid the price as a

result of religious intolerance and ignorance on BOTH sides.

These 6 guys are HEROES for what they did: 6 standing up against 30-40-50, all armed with the same heavy weapons.  

Who was worthless in the fight? The CIA staff, kids from places like Harvard who basically stood there, useless in fixing the mess they were in....Go see for yourself. 

Being the U.S. President is no place for arrogant bombast from a Trump or a Cruz. It takes knowledge. like these guys did when the chips were down. Even the experts can find ourselves in tough places like Benghazi. Imagine how an amateur would screw it up.

These guys weren't amateurs, and it wasn't them who screwed up. They were Americans protecting Americans, working with our foreign national allies, who in this case were Libyan....We all get by with a little help from our friends, not alone.

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