Sunday, July 10, 2016

It's not about black versus white; it is about the tolerant versus the intolerant

After this week's shootings here is how I see it - because its not about blacks versus whites, as some say.

It's about those who respect others and those who don't. (Racism is a lack of respect).

It's about those of us in each race sex and religion being tolerant, versus those who are intolerant and disrespectful towards others.

It's about those like Hillary who speak respectfully, as head of a diverse party of like-minded people of all religions and colors, versus the hate speech and overt racism that led voters in a mostly aging "whites only" party to pick Donald Trump, who is disrespectful of all and a generator of hate.

The choice is between an inclusive party that looks like America today and its future -- versus a "whites only" party, a mostly aging, angry, low skilled whites (especially primary voters) who loved to hear Trump's hate speech. They loved his promoting violence against protesters at his own rallies. They are not what our diverse America founded on "all men are created equal" is all about.

So which presidential candidate and party looks like America or its future?
Who speaks with respect and seeks solutions instead of being on both sides of the issue at the same time and is ignorant of our own constitution?

Easy answer. Women have always acted better than men in communicating instead of insecure hate mongering. The Democratic party includes all people, straight and gay, Christian, Muslim,  Jew, Buddhist and beyond.  The GOP rejects people who don't look like them. Trump has feed off it and been a divider, not a uniter.
ISIS feeds off the Trump's who try to make this a religion war.  Picking Trump would boost ISIS and PUTIN. 
Picking Hillary is a blow to both. It is a blow to bullies and intolerant and purposeful division. It is a blow to inherited wealth turning our democracy into another Oligarchy of intolerance that leads to racism and violence caused by sectarianism. 
Michael Fjetland, Author

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