Sunday, November 13, 2016


                                               World’s First Cyber Coup

For the first time in American history the leader of a foreign country just helped elect the president he preferred: Donald Trump.

HOW? By having his state hacking organization breach the Democratic National Committee computers and, via wikileaks, sent them out, drip-by-drip to undermine Hillary Clinton. 
American intelligence officials have confirmed that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC computers. By contrast, not one Republican national committee email was released.  Between Putin and Mr. Comey’s actions 11 days before the election, it threw the election to Trump. We just had the world’s first “cyber-coup.”

The irony? Hillary Clinton won the popular vote (over 2 million more votes than Trump so far as they continue counting ballots.)

So, the bottom line is that Mr. Trump is Mr. Putin’s president. Trump was the only candidate to praise Putin, who has invaded the Ukraine and bombed civilians in Syria while destroying the free press and independent reporting in Russia. Mr. Putin has a history of murdering reporters and his opponents. He has sent fighters to breach the air space of our European allies. Like his role model, Mr. Trump has already talked about making it easier for him to sue the press and often made the press a target during his rallies.

The press has been toothless and allowed Mr. Trump a pass on his failure to file tax returns and his racism. They painted the picture of “lesser of evils” when the choice was starkly clear which candidate was prepared to be president. Hillary would preserve our alliances; Mr. Trump promised to destroy them and pull out of NATO.  He would give Mr. Putin a pass on their un-democratic actions.
Already, Mr. Trump’s campaign has been reaching out to the leaders of Europe’s radical right, like France’s Marie Le Pen.  This is a dream of Putin: to destabilize Europe and its democracies that operate by the rule of law.  Mr. Trump’s inner circle includes America’s alt right aka “radical right” in the form of Mr. Steve Bannon, who was a part of Breitbart “news” that hated on Obama and even moderate Republicans.

So it begins. The Chinese have a saying “May you live in interesting times.” It’s a curse.  I see “interesting” times ahead. Indeed, Dark Days ahead. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Trump is as ignorant and racist as he was before the election. His economic proposals would explode our debt over $30 TRILLION dollars. His trade protectionism, if carried out, will create a Global Depression far greater than the 2008 Great Recession that ended the Bush administration.

It’s a matter of time.  With Putin’s man in the White House, no American should rest easy, even those who voted for him. I predicted 911. I predict Trump will screw even the white working class who voted for him.  He ran for office while being sued for FRAUD on  the working class who believed in Trump U. The trial was to begin November 28. Now we’ll see our court independence threatened by our Putin President-Elect.

Michael Fjetland
Author, “Better Times Ahead April Fool”  (title seems prophetic now)

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