Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bigger Threat than Al Qaida: China's Repression

A Chinese artist was picked up by the Chinese police and has disappeared, but his art exhibit is open. A bigger threat than Al Qaida is Chinese anti-democratic actions like this. It's bigger than the Israeli-Palestinian issue (which frankly has gotten totally boring and predictable).

Why is an ARTIST a threat to their society...?

America's failure to invest and manage our money in the past decade has given China the advantage. China has passed Japan as the world's No. 2 economy. They run surpluses and invest in their high tech future. We haven't.

The Chinese are building 21st Century infrastructure-- levitating trains that travel over 300 mph, vast roadways and modern infrastructure -- while we let 20th Century bridges fall into the Mississippi for lack of maintenance and think getting up to 150 mph would be exciting. Amtrak's average speed is claimed to be "87 mph" but my personal experience it was less than 60. I took it from Houston to New Orleans.

Chinese students get Ph.D's in math and science while Americans do not have the high tech skills to fill over 1 million posted jobs open today.

Meanwhile, Texas, which ranks 34th of 50 states in education spending, is cutting its education budget. How does this help us compete in a global, high tech 21st century?

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