Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Land of the 24 Hour Sun

Sun doesn't set until 9:45 pm in Norway tonight. It is truly the land of the midnight sun, not to mention one of the few places on earth we can see the northern lights as the sky changes colors from the magnetic action at the north pole.

The Vikings were once dreaded and feared in Europe because of their raids. But they also thought nothing of sailing in open boats across the sea to eventually reach North American 500 years before Columbus. Here they say Columbus used a Viking map!

But Norway is also called "The Saudi Arabia of Europe" because it has have of Western Europe's oil resources from the North Sea.

They say that there is still snow in the mountains so our travel north from Oslo tomorrow may be changed if we can't get through the mountains.

Norwegians are quite friendly, the land is green and clean and English is a universal language, along with the many others. But a pay phone call costs $4 and a glass of wine at a restaurant is $20. All liquor is sold through state stores -which closed at 3 today (Saturday) and won't be open Sunday.

The toilet flush gizmo in the hotel is the size of an encyclopedia! I guess they don't want anyone missing

In the city center of Oslo today, which is small and intimate, I saw lots of blond people and some pretty amazing sights -- everything from short shorts (including short shorts with a garter belt holding up black stockings) to modestly covered Muslim ladies with their kids -- and no one batted an eye about any of it. lol.

The atmosphere is very relaxed - everyone was sitting at outdoor cafes eating or having a drink. A couple little girls climbed up on a statue not a block from the Parliament building, as you can see.

I will miss Stavanger this trip - not enough time. That's where they have a "Norwegian Emigration Center" that has the records of all immigrations to the U.S. from 1825 - including my relatives about 1880, something I still need to check on.

I'll have to wait until next Saturday to see that 1,000 year old Viking ship that beat Columbus to America. It and two others are in the museum here in Oslo.

Right now getting through the mountain snow in the north is still a question...stay tuned.

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