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How NASA Could Help Solve Our Energy Crisis

8 July 2011

Global American Series

How NASA Could Help Solve Our Energy Crisis

- The 30 Year Energy War Starts NOW -

As NASA's Space Shuttle program ends, people are asking "What's next?" It turns out that NASA's expertise could help America solve our Energy Crisis that will be our No. 1 threat to economic growth and prosperity. We are facing a massive shortage in energy resources needed to fuel the U.S. -- and countries worldwide. This shortage will start a new "war" that NASA could play a key role in resolving.

The 30 Year Energy War Starts NOW. This "war" over energy sources will be a fight on a global scale in a “succeed or perish” contest among the major forms of energy, the corporations that supply them and the countries that run on them. It threatens vast fortunes as oil production peaks and begins dwindling despite 'drill baby drill.' Nations must innovate or perish. Experts expect $300/barrel oil by 2020. How will the U.S. do?

The 170 million extra vehicles added by China in just the next five years alone will consume what America uses today—8 million barrels/day! That exceeds our present oil supplies.

Add to that India and its one billion people. India has overtaken Japan as the world's No. 2 consumer of oil --and will only consume more as more Indians move up economically. Energy demand is expected to increase 40% globally in the next three decades, further widening the gap between what we have and what we need.

Why 30 years? Because it will take at least 30 years to find replacement fuels and put them into commercial production – whether it is hydrogen, nuclear, renewables or something else. Like the Space Shuttle “gap” we will have an energy “gap” between demand and supply.

Oil has been our mainstay energy for the past 100 years but there won't be enough of this dwindling finite resource to satisfy global demand as China and India grow 8-10% a year and the U.S. uses more as its economy picks up. The days of cheap oil are gone forever. The "easy" oil is long gone; only the most difficult remnants remain before it is exhausted. Gasoline already costs $9 gallon in Europe.

In the meantime, what happens to countries that can’t get enough oil to grow? There will be a “war” over access.

The Global American ™ radio broadcast concludes with a unique project proposal for NASA that would benefit us in two ways. It would satisfy our future energy needs from a carbon-free source while simultaneously providing a new mission for NASA and private space companies that would solve both problems – provide abundant clean energy while developing our next generation of technology to remain competitive in a brave new global, space age world. The project is: a space based solar power system that beams the suns energy to collector stations on Earth. Tune in to see why this makes sense for both our country's energy needs and NASA's future in space.

"The 30 Year Energy War Starts NOW" airs on Global American (TM) radio Saturday at 9 am Central, Business 1110 AM, streamed on and Podcast 24/7 on (click favorite programs and select the above title).

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