Saturday, July 2, 2011

Laid Off After 27 years, for Another Right Wing Show -

I was shocked to hear that two well-known radio personalities who worked for 27 years on KTRH Houston radio were suddenly fired this past week. Why?

The answer given was that the station wanted to convert the program to a new right wing Fox-style program of extremist views (instead of NEWS) by Mr. _Fill-In-The-BLank_ (who cares the name, they are all alike - mostly white, opinionated, narrow, right?).

For 27 years on KTRH, Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard gave us FACTS and useful information on news, weather and traffic. It was not a diatribe and political talking points. They were members of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame! Whatever happened to employee loyalty?

Now KTRH is just another Fox-clone, which has become more of a GOP political station than a news station.

We have the same limited thinking on the far left as well. Just this week Rep. Dennis Kucinich went to Syria where Dictator Assad used his presence to make himself look good and the rookie Congressman was so globally dumb he let it happen--so the problem is not just the far right but also the far left.

The way Lana and J.P. were fired --with about 5 seconds notice – seems crude. That seems to be the style of those pushing one-sided radio. You know, the type where the result is fixed in advance, the jury hears only one side and then must rule on it -- even when the other party hasn't had a voice.

That's really going to inform the public right? They will really make intelligent voting decisions by hearing only one side, right?

The KTRH that I knew in days past was a rich source of general news, weather and traffic. It wasn't out to make you scream or commit road rage. That's now changed. KTRH is just another wingnut station.

What's unique about that? Right wingers on radio are a "dime a dozen" these days. They come from a clone factory somewhere - there is hardly any real difference between a Rush Limbaugh and a Glenn Beck or an Ann Coulter.

KTRH's change leaves only KUHF -- and the "Global American radio" program on Business 1110 AM, podcast 24/7 at -- as the only remaining sources of refreshing centrist, progressive, balanced news, ideas and topics. You can see that on our Global American Podcast list – covering issues like education, space tourism, human trafficking and our technology future. We cover REAL issues important to Americans and our future prosperity, not phony made-up ones. Those are like the sirens of the Greek myths,who would lure fisherman unlucky enough to follow their call, only to wreck upon the rocks.

The Global American has a unique perspective because of the unique experiences of its host, who has been a Fortune 500 legal global negotiator (and entrepreneur) in over 50 countries. Its host was a one time farm kid who got an education and a global job, and after a layoff started a business, eventually conducting a child kidnapping case in Syria and becoming a TV terrorism analyst. How many radio hosts can testify to the vast changes happening in not just Houston, but also China, India and the rest of the world?

Has Limbaugh, or Beck or Dennis Kucinich done anything like that?

America at this critical juncture can’t afford to be stupid or complacent. How much help for America in the ongoing global high tech competition do we get from a Congressman who has never been out of Ohio except on a political junket?

How much insight into America's future in a global high tech 21st century do we get from millionaire right wing radio hosts who have never done business around the world?

This distinguishes the Global American radio from the programs like Glenn Beck AND from the left wing fringe like Dennis Kucinich ("Kooky Dennis"). Congressman Kucinich showed up in SYRIA this week to meet with President Assad. Assad took over from his father, who massacred tens of thousands of his own people. (Remember, I had a kidnapping case in Damascus in the 90's. I’ve been there. I know what is really going on over there.)

Kucinich looked like an idiot when Assad used him to look better, despite Assad’s having turned tanks on entire cities of his own people.

The same Kucinich, along with Michelle Bachman and others apparently doesn't remember history because none of them mentioned that Libya's Gadhafi ordered the bombing of Pan Am 103 -- a terrorist attack on Americans no different than 9/11. Gadhafi did a bin Laden before bin Laden -- if Americans can still remember history. If they don’t, I do and that’s the purpose for Global American radio – to seek solutions and remind Americans about past mistakes so we can avoid repeating them. Have Limbaugh and Beck done that? Or Kucinich? Or Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin or Rick Perry? Not even close. They have misinformed rather than informed Americans.

The Global American newsletter and radio series are focused on giving Americans TRUTH. It has been our fairness, truth and justice that have made America great. We have to face truth if America is to succeed in making its comeback.

KTRH is dead. For real insight into keeping America a global high tech leader, tune in to Global American radio. Details at

I hope Lana and J.P. will come on and talk about the future of radio!

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