Friday, August 26, 2011

“All Shook Up” from Hurricane Irene to Gadhafi

Global American Series

26 August 2011

Hurricane Irene is bearing down on the east coast, threatening over 60 million people who were already shaken by a rare Earthquake a few days ago. Before Irene, the U.S. has had nine extreme weather events that cost over $35 billion. Irene, the first storm to hit the U.S. since Hurricane IKE hit Houston, could equal that.

What do they need to do to prepare? How would we cover these disaster costs if the U.S. had a balanced budget requirement? We cover hurricane survival in our first segment on Global American radio.

Also shaking things up in the GOP Presidential race is Texas Governor Rick Perry, now leading Mitt Romney in recent polls. In his book “Fed Up!” published just nine months ago, the Governor made from startling calls for changes in the American constitution. One of them: that social security in his opinion is “unconstitutional.” We cover some of his positions and look at the Texas budget and economy in our second segment.

The manhunt for Col. Gadhafi, the terrorist bomber of Pan Am 103 who Ronald Reagan called “the mad dog of the Middle East” is in our third segment on Global American radio. Who are the rebels fighting him? What happens next in Libya? Why have both the far left and far right been hostile to U.S. action in Libya, and were they wrong to oppose this action?

“How to Get More Jobs in America” is the focus of our fourth segment. How do we generate jobs without amassing more debt? We talk about one strategy – weatherization-- that would both cut our energy consumption and employ large numbers of Americans. It would also provide storm protection.

Global American radio airs Saturday at 9 am Central time on Business 1110 am, streamed on and Podcast 24/7 on (click on ‘favorite programs’ and look for the above title).

Michael Fjetland

Global American Series

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With our protection on your windows you can sing “Goodnight Irene”…

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