Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Result of S&P Downgrade: Investors dumps Stocks and BUY US Treasuries!

The S&P on Friday downgraded the USA credit from AAA for the first time in history.

What was the reaction? Investors dumped stock and invested in the "downgraded" U.S. treasuries! What a statement!

Even so-called downgraded U.S. debt is BETTER than the Wall Street stock market. What does that tell you about the S&P action?

According to investors the safest investment on the PLANET is still the U.S. government IOU's.

If we want to really solve our problems then let's have an intelligent conversation on JOB creation in the U.S. -

We do not need more weeks wasted on phony issues. America needs a strategy for global success. Tune in to Global American radio to hear a global strategy from someone who has been in over 50 countries, beginning with the Fortune 500, and has one...

Dominque Sachese, a TV newscaster in Houston, said today "its been a strange summer." I have to agree. It's been a really strange YEAR so far. The intense heat is making it worse. Houston has now had a record number of triple digit days, and the drought is so bad that Big Spring TX announced plans to recycle urine for water. How bad does it have to get before we realize we have a shortage worse than oil - water!

It's time we started using our brains to address these issues of climate and economics instead of shouting mindless slogans and sound bites. Our lives, economic and environmental, are on the line.

Try shouting "global warming is a hoax" after drinking recycled urine because that is all there is due to our worst nightmare: lack of water, essential to life of plants and wild animals not to mention humans. Mother animals are abandoning their young because there is not enough food or water for all of them.

"Drill baby drill" won't fix the problem as droughts continue and populations double, especially if hydraulic fracking fluids have contaminated underground aquifers.

We need a plan for success - to avoid stumbling in the next obvious crisis no one saw coming...

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