Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A book that most fits our crazy times...Better Times Ahead: April Fool?

Global American Series
(7 Feb 2012 Special)

Better Times Ahead: April Fool? is probably a book that most fits our crazy
turbulent times - economic upheaval and international threats.

It is a true story of surviving a layoff, re-inventing yourself during a
recession, and not only surviving but thriving in new opportunities -- not just
locally but as a global entrepreneur -- despite mistakes and all.

It's a journey documented in old journal entries written in remote places that lead the news today: China and India, by a farm kid who became a young Fortune 500 negotiator before being is laid off and losing EVERYTHING.

Then he gets it back and more. The book's author finds himself doing international kidnapping negotiations for a Texas mother whose child was kidnapped and taken to the Middle East.

He runs out of money in Bangkok in the early days. With little money he starts
out riding "Night Trains" through old China. Yet he ended up being a TV terrorism
adviser on 9/11 and found himself running for Congress against one of America's most feared
politicians, "The Hammer" -- and even survives that!

The name comes from a sign in India.

The book ends with vital insights for our future based on the author's three decades of
global entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 experiences in a chapter focused on current
times, called "Agenda for American Greatness."

It analyzes how we got in this mess and, more importantly, how we get out of it in the global, high tech space age economy we have entered in the 21st century...

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Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD
Global American Series
Author, "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?"

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