Saturday, February 18, 2012

international "Huck Finn" story mixed in with "Alice in Wonderland."

Finally, Finally, Finally, a book that fits our turbulent times is available.

It should be inspirational to those who think we are toast or their life is toast. Or who are wondering "what's next" for America to succeed in a high tech global economy after our surplus of 2000 was squandered in less than 8 years and our educational system plummeted from No. 1 among the world's nations.

"Better Times Ahead: April Fool" subtitled "And Surviving a Layoff on a Global Scale" is now available on Apple Ibooks as well as Barnes & Noble and Amazon, at the link:

The first eight chapters are a true story, bit of an international "Huck Finn" story based on journals written in faraway places like early China, mixed in with "Alice in Wonderland."

Michael, an ordinary farm kid going up on a Iowa works hard, goes to school and ends up doing Fortune 500 deals around the world. Then the axe falls and he is laid off as the Texas economy collapses in the Great 80's Oil Bust, like what happened to the nation as a whole in 2008. It provided Michael with insights that apply to today as people wonder what they should do.

This story also intersects with major events in American history, like the Iran conflict and first-ever peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country. At one point Michael goes to Syria (yes, THAT Syria) on an international child kidnapping case for a Texas mother. Another time he discovered an oil opportunity in Africa that helped create a Texas billionaire. He is one of the first into China and India, first with the largest companies and then for the smallest.

The last chapter "Agenda for American Greatness." is about SOLUTIONS. It is about our FUTURE we win it when Chinese and Indian kids have the science and math skills our kids do not --at a time when over 3 million American high tech jobs remain unfilled because AMERICANS don't have the high tech skills to fill them! If we filled those jobs our unemployment rate would fall to 6%!

How do we win the future when China will have a NEW space station orbiting just as ours becomes obsolete and is retired?

We cannot win in a world we are clueless about. For answers, check out:

Better Times Ahead April Fool
by Michael Fjetland

It's on Apple Ibooks as well as Barnes & Noble and Amazon, at the link:

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