Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who has the Most Fiscally Conservative Budget - the GOP Presidential hopefuls - or Obama?

America, here is the fundamental question of all? WHICH PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE HAS THE BEST BUDGET -- the GOP candidates or President Obama's? This is a fact question, not an opinion. What does an analysis of their proposed budgets do to our deficits?

Has anyone bothered to read the analysis by economic experts - that every plan proposed by the four GOP Presidential candidates would create even LARGER Deficits than that proposed for 2013 by President Obama? And they would give even more tax cuts to the rich.

So every Republican plan would INCREASE our deficit. That makes President Obama's budget the most FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE of any Republican candidate.

Where are the tea baggers saying "COOL" to the President for doing a better job at controlling our deficits than Mr. Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul? All I am seeing are misleading, false and downright racist and sexist commentary -- against women, Puerto Ricans, each other --you name it they hate it.

You would think that those campaigning to become our next President would be going to serious heights with potential solutions to regain our mojo after the worst economic downturn in 70 years, right? They seem to have forgotten that in January 2001 Pres. Bush walked into the oval office to find a $300 BILLION plus SURPLUS; whereas in January 2009 President Obama's walked into the oval office on his first day on the job to find a $1.2 TRILLION deficit, and another $5 Trillion in IOU's run up by the prior GOP administration, not to mention a couple of hot wars going badly...

Wouldn't you expect that we would be hearing serious proposals from all of these Presidential candidates for job creation and educational advancement for Americans needing work?

Wouldn't you expect them to be detailing serious strategies to help Americans get the skills needed to fill 3 million empty jobs that exist in America TODAY - jobs that remain unfilled. WHY?

Because American workers lack the skills to fill them. However, Asian and Indian workers DO have the advanced skills required by those jobs. So the jobs either remain unfilled --or they go overseas or to foreign workers allowed to live here to fill them. Filling them could drop our unemployment rate to 6% or less.

Are any of the GOP Presidential candidates addressing that problem? I haven't heard a word about that from the Republican candidates. However, I have heard President Obama speak on that issue at length - yet he has received no help from Congress providing that higher level of training for Americans to get those jobs and help us lead the world in the high tech 21st century.

You would think that is IMPORTANT right? If Americans don't have the high tech job skills required in the space age global economy, how can that be good? How can that make us competitive when countries like China have more skilled employees than America because we have let our educational system slip from No. 1 in 2000 to No. 9 in the world by 2008?

I just don't see how the GOP plan to increase our deficits and give yet MORE TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH can pass the economic smell test. I thought tea baggers were against more debt? Did I miss something? Yet every GOP Presidential candidate's budget plans would make our debt situation WORSE than President Obama's. So are they blind or just stupid or something else?

In "Agenda for American Greatness" the last chapter of my new ebook "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" --which is based on my experience from Fortune 500 to becoming an entrepreneur after a layoff and negotiating in nearly 50 countries, I analyze how America got into this economic fix - who ran the ship on the reef - and more importantly HOW we get out of it.

Which policies will get those 3 million jobs filled by Americans? Check it out - the rest of the chapters will give you an idea why I might know what I'm talking about more than someone who never got out of Paint Creek or Texas, or the little town in Iowa were I was born.

My loyalty is to what is best for America and the American public. We can't make wise choices if we don't base them on the global reality -- and FACTS, not some gasbag radio pundit who beats up on young women or by watching a single TV news network that only presents one side of an argument. It's impossible to win the global competitive race by keeping ourselves ignorant of the truth, and by not preparing the next generation.

Global economics and the work skills of our people are basic math. We can't compete with math and science experts in the space age with high school dropouts and art history majors.

None of the Presidential candidates are offering any real solutions based on the world we live in. From Korea to Iran, I've seen it up front and personal....

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