Thursday, March 22, 2012

When "Socialists" care more about Education Than Our Kids...

When people call Europeans "Socialist" and assume our "superiority" consider this.

Our Rotary is sponsoring an exchange student from Sweden, one of those countries certain folks like Rush Limbaugh and his kind like to call "socialist." Over coffee today she told one of our past Rotary President's that she has been shocked how many American students don't seem motivated or interested in school. She obviously doesn't feel that way, nor do the kids in Sweden.

He discussed this with a professor from India who hit on an answer: "It's because they don't fear poverty."

I think he has a point - kids like me who grew up poor on a farm were motivated to study hard to get away from poverty - my dad wasn't going to leave a big inheritance or get me in with a big company.

However, today many kids in America have everything given to them, and they think the gravy train is never-ending. Even the special needs kid I had hired to put film samples on my Armor Glass business cards said he wasn't interested in doing it anymore "because he gets a monthly check and doesn't have to do it." So, he gone back to listening to Christian radio all day. I was really shocked that being "picky" about work went that far.

That attitude towards work and school means poor kids in China and India will be beating our kids socks off and getting the high paying jobs that remain unfilled in America today because Americans don't have the high tech skills to fill them. Come to think of it, that's already happening. Meanwhile our kids watch "Snooki" and flip burgers.

To succeed in a 21st Century high tech space age, we need a serious attitude adjustment - the so-called "socialist" from Sweden cares more about advancing her education than our free market kids do....

So, in the end, who do you think will win? I'm betting that the winners will be the kids hungry for education, whether you call them socialist, communist, farm kids or whatever...

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