Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The 2012 Presidential Choice - The Guy Who Grew up Poor Vs The Guy WHo Grew Up Rich

Now that Mitt Romeny's last major opponent, Rick Santorum, has dropped out the Presidential race is become quite clear.

Here is what we know:

1. The 2012 decision for Americans will be between two Presidential candidates from entirely different backgrounds. One grew up POOR and the other grew up RICH. One had to finance his own way through Harvard, the other had wealthy parents paying the Harvard tuition.

2. It's RomneyCare vs. ObamaCare. ObamaCare was modeled on RomneyCare. Enough said.

3. One Presidential candidate paid under 15% in taxes and favors more tax cuts to the top 1% (Romney). The other candidate paid what most Americans pay (about 30%) and favors all taxpayers paying the same tax rate (Obama) - which means the top 1% would have to pay the same rate as their secretaries (the "Buffett Rule").

4. One candidate supports the Ryan plan to give the top 1% yet even more tax cuts and would continue the 'trickle down' economics that lead to the recession of 2008. To pay for the tax cuts, social services would be slashed (Romney).

5. The other Presidential candidate would invest more in research and development to maintain America's technology lead and more for retraining of workers to improve their skills for the high tech jobs that are currenly available, but many Americans don't have the skills for. He would invest in rebuilding our infrastructure, including the thousands of 50-year old bridges that have become dangerous and crumbling highways (Obama).

Which one of these two candidates reflects American values?

For a summary of the events that lead to the economic collapse of 2008, written by someone who witnessed elections and economic actions since the 1970's as a Fortune 500 negotiator (and then as an entrepreneur), I have made available my ebook chapter entitled "Agenda for American Greatness" FREE as a public service. The link is at:

Our future is at stake - will we back fall on voodoo economics and concentrating wealth at the top and failure to invest in education? Or will we move forward with a vision in which all Americans pay taxes at the same rate and our leaders give us the tools to prepare us for the 21st Century global, high tech economic challenges from our global competitors?

"Agenda for American Greatness" is based on my experiences in nearly 50 countries and as an entrepreneur. Read and decide. Pass it on.

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