Monday, December 9, 2013

Back from Europe - Campaign with American Economic Plan Begins

 Michael Fjetland "Fjet" at Roman Colosseum, December 2013
33 years after first encounter around 1980

I am back in Texas after doing a two week review of economics and learning of our ancient history in Europe.

Today was the last day to file for office for 2014. Whoever is in, is in -- we now know the players.

I am the ONLY candidate who has an written economic plan - which I call "Agenda for American Greatness."  It is a plan for all Americans, who have to win in a global economy that is rapidly changing. Being a Senator is not a job for amateurs who don't know what America is up against globally. Filling teeth or selling millions of cars doesn't give one the insight I obtained from 30-plus years in nearly 50 countries -- helping Americans succeed and create jobs here by selling American goods worldwide.

As soon a jet lag subsidies I will begin sharing details on what I discovered in Europe that impacts America - with my plan to get America back to No. 1 in technology and jobs. My platform includes real immigration reform to honor the service of our hardworking Hispanics and dreamers, treating women and LGBT equally and legalizing marijuana for medical and personal use. Legalization would generate billions in new taxes for states like Texas, which could be used for education, etc. (Legalization would also cut billions in profits now going to Mexico drug gangs who use it to buy heavy weapons and murder tens of thousands of citizens.) My terrorism expertise would also benefit the U.S. Senate.

Follow this blog and sign up at for updates - and if you like what you see, let your friends know - and pass the word to help in any way they can - and by voting for me in the Texas Democratic Primary on March 4, 2014. Donations of any kind can make this work for the 99%.

Pass it on!

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