Tuesday, May 13, 2014

United Healthcare Just Jumped My Premium 30%! Should have taken the Obamacare!

Don't make my mistake - 

I decided to be loyal to my insurance agent one last year since I qualify for Medicare in December - just a few months away. So I passed up an AVA ("Obamacare") policy before the deadline. The ACA policy choices had a much LOWER premium and deductible (I know, I am old fashioned that way--he's an old friend and I figured he could squeeze me one last time. lol).

 My current deductible is $10,000! The ACA one was less than $6,000 for 1/2 the premium.

Today I got a notice that they are jumping my premium on July 15 from $644 to $840 a month! They said NOTHING about that when I renewed last December. TRICKY. Make you sign up for a year then raise the rates half way through it.

I feel discriminated against - a friend of mine works for the State and pays only $200 a month for a family of 5!

So, I will either have to be robbed for the final months of the year, or let it lapse and take the risk (I never get sick and hardly ever even get prescription meds). 

The USA remains the only developed country that does not offer its citizens medical care. That is pretty sad. It certainly isn't something that makes us "No. 1" - like Texas having the highest number of uninsured...I don't think its "pro life" to deny people healthcare access or food...

So United Healthcare has screwed me for the last time.  If anyone wants to help me cover the premium, you can buy my ebook "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - LOL. It's a global adventure story (all true) -- and not one chapter on healthcare in it!

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