Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Obama is Right - Foreign Policy is More than War - It's Having a Smart Strategy

President Obama is right - foreign policy is not about military adventures, which always end badly. It's about being strategic and smart in global affairs.

For example, the Ukraine crisis was a  fight between the USA values and Russian values over a land grab --Crimea and east Ukraine. Instead of troops Obama fired economic sanctions. Result? Putin blinked and backed off.  Shutting off his cronies visas and bank access made things uncomfortable for the super rich in Russia which wanted to eat its way across Ukraine's rich mineral lands after taking its valuable port city.

It is Obama 1 and Putin 0 on Ukraine - without the U.S. losing a single soldier or Trillions in cash.

Economic sanctions spoke louder than boots on the ground or jets in the sky in this interdependent economic world we now live in.

This is an example of the 21st century Economic Strategy I laid out in "Agenda for American Greatness"

America must return to No. 1 in education and infrastructure to WIN this global economy. Bush Cheney's Iraq misguided adventure wasted over $5 Trillion for invading a country not involved with 9/11. It will cost another $5 Trillion in medical care for almost 2 million vets who were sent on repeated missions while the rest of America went to the movies and over ate.

How many times do we have to be stupid to get smart?

Obama has been smart in not getting sucked into major land wars like Bush seemed to think would solve things, but made it worse at great expense.  The Iraq war opened a new world for terrorism since Saddam had never let Al Qaida into Iraq. Now they are moving from Iraq to Syria. Iraq was started on false evidence and incompetently handled -- we went into a voluntary war with even a plan of what to do once Saddam was defeated, with too few troops to produce security because Rumsfeld had a crazy idea you could wage war with underwhelming force.

"Agenda for American Greatness" goes far beyond what the President has laid out. If Americans follow it, we shall again be the best and brightest country in the world....

I disagree with the President in this respect - Terrorism is not our greatest threat. Their explosions on our homeland will not destroy our right to vote or democracy. The greater threat is our own Congress which has been destroying our economy.

They have been destroying our future by failing to do anything other than working 100 days a year and playing politics full time. The GOP part of Congress has been the biggest problem - not the moderates but the alleged tea party side which has refused to invest in making our education system No. 1 and rebuilding 70 year old falling apart infrastructure that would create jobs.

Imagine the horror of creating jobs that might make the President look better! It's more important to pick up Senate seats than actually do their jobs!

In other words Pogo was right: "We have met the enemy and he is us."  Specifically it is a Congress more interested in sabotaging our economy to win elections than doing right by American workers.

Our Congress has done more damage to our economy and American jobs than all the terrorists combined. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz shut down our government over the fact people would be getting health insurance for the first time under "Obamacare" - shutting NASA, veterans checks and services, etc. as a result. Al Qaida has never been able to accomplish the damage to our economy that a Ted Cruz in Congress has been able to self inflict on us. Talk about stupid and foolish. Rome would be proud.

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