Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Accidental Conversation with a Lady in a Bar Today, Playing Fox News...She said "Really?"

My accidental conversation at lunch today, at a bar, which was playing Fox National News (I have to say that our Local Houston  Fox26 is great - just facts, no political slant. I have been their terrorism expert from time to time since the 1991 Gulf War).

Woman, sitting two chairs down from me who is having a beer for lunch (as I stare at my S5 Facebook scroll), suddenly looks at me and says: "Can you believe the President is on VACATION during this crisis with ISIS?"

Me: (Not wanting to get into this conversation and enjoying shrimp quesdillas) "At this point Bush had taken three times MORE days off...and Obama did authorize an attempted rescue of Mr. Foley and the other captives a couple months ago but they had been moved."

Woman, drinking more beer: "Really? I didn't know that!" Then she blurts:
"Can you believe we traded 5 terrorists for Bergdahl?"

Me: "The Israelis traded one of their soldiers kidnapped for 5 years for 2,000 Palestinians...."

Woman: "Really? I didn't know that!" (I try to stare even more intently at my phone, hoping it would end soon)...Then she had to go again:

"Can you believe those people in Ferguson are doing what they are? Now they are rioting on the other side of town!"

Me: "If I had been shot six times for stealing a box of cigars I'd be pissed too."

Woman: SILENCE. "Well I better get back to getting barnacles off my boat."

I looked. Her beer was empty. Fox News continued...

I left with a smile, knowing one of their viewers was now better informed. lol

My story, from farm to Mach 2 travels, to running out of money in Bangkok during the Great Texas Oil Bust and negotiating international kidnapping cases... It ends with "Agenda for American Greatness" - how to become No. 1 again.

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