Saturday, July 26, 2014

Russia to Move More Missiles to Ukraine - Send in the Drones

Reports like the one below say that it is imminent that Russia will send more deadly anti-aircraft missiles into eastern Ukraine, openly enlarging the pro-Russian war that has had bodies falling through peoples' roofs. 

They will be given to same pro-Russians who claimed NOT to have BUK missile launchers to shoot down Malaysia MH 17 and kill nearly 300 people. The same people who then shot down two Ukraine fighters a week later -- using the same type of system! They are bad liars and really don't care that you know it.

These sour men with extreme weapons are doing Mr. Putin's bidding in the Ukraine, a sovereign nation. Ukraine has already lost the Crimea to Mr Putin's hungry Russian bear. Have you forgotten that already?

If I were Obama's adviser I would recommend that we give Ukraine DRONES with hellfire missiles to knock out these weapons as they come over the border into Ukraine from Russia. They DO pose a threat to civilian airliners etc.   THAT would finally send Putin a message he can understand. You can talk all you want and do only so much with sanctions. Putin needs to lose some hardware to understand -- this is something that needs to STOP. Putin is even authorizing artillery fire into Ukraine from Russia!

We do NOT need U.S. troops there. There is no need to repeat the mistake of going into countries with U.S. troops and doing the fighting for them instead of training the local Afghans and Iraqis to do the fighting for their own country.

Putin continues to fuel this war by Russia against Ukraine. On top of that elements in our Congress are helping Putin by not backing the President in an effort to support democracy against men who would steal a nation or two, or three.

Did you know that Putin will not even eat a meal in any country he travels to? It's all brought in from Mother Russia. Uses only land lines from the Soviet days. In short, Putin is "Paranoid KGB" to the max. He continues to miscalculate and then doubles down when his efforts fail.

He needs a united message from Europe that it is time to stop his gangs in the Ukraine and become a constructive partner in the global economy instead of an isolated pariah. If not, then Europe needs to know its neck is on the line and they need to do back up Obama and reign in the Russian bear before more countries become dinner - or more civilian airliners are shot down.

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