Friday, October 3, 2014

If EBOLA is an Election Issue, GOP Gutting healthcare budgets looks STUPID

If EBOLA is an election issue, then here is what it means: The GOP has gutted budgets for healthcare, secret service, etc. -

They even drug their feet on Obama's sending medical services to West Africa, so it would keep the problem there. But once again, the GOP did the problem got worse. Even our own hospitals failed to follow health protocols on a known issue - you can't blame the President for hospitals not doing their jobs.

Now they blame the President. The blamers are the Congress that "works" only 100 days per year for big pay while they do NOTHING to fix it. 

You don't fix problems by not investing and spending money folks. Flats don't fix themselves, neither do cars - nor do the diseases that we have to control.

So WHO is the blame here?...

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