Friday, October 10, 2014

Why We Must Fight ELOBA There to Keep It Away from HERE!

Why We Must Fight ELOBA There to Keep It Away from HERE!

The thing about Ebola many people don’t realize is that we have to fight it in Africa to keep it from coming to America—ignoring it will result in more Americans being exposed.  Experts say that shutting down air flights would actually increase the potential of it coming to the U.S.  How is that?

Shutting off air travel would, for one, trap the doctors and aid going to Liberia and Sierra Leone  from being able to get out. The disease would explode beyond our ability to contain it. A major problem in war-ravaged Liberia is that the medical field is almost non-existent, many doctors and nurses have died or fled because they don’t have proper protection or tools.

Ebola cases double every three weeks. If we don’t speed up our actions, there could be over one million cases in Africa by December.  International response has been painfully slow. Even the U.S. Congress has had members sitting on appropriations needed to send medical supplies to Africa. That’s crazy.

Unless we contain Ebola in Africa, the chances of more travelers bringing it to the U.S. (Europe, etc.) increases significantly. It would become a pandemic on a scale not seen since the beginning of AIDS.

Many Americans don’t realize it but over 500,000 Liberians live in the United States following two civil wars in Liberia. Many are U.S. citizens. Denying the right to travel would keep them from doing what all Americans can freely do – travel the world to see family and friends. Some years ago I attended a church in Ft. Bend, Texas and one of the members was a nice lady from Liberia I will call “Grace.” It was common for her to travel back to Liberia to see family.

People in the United States are afraid of EBOLA, but should they be that worried? Ebola has killed only one person in the U.S. In 2010, over 53,000 people died from the FLU, also a virus.

Are we doing enough to contain Ebola? The GOP cut the President’s request for funding for CDC (Center for Disease Control) in half. They have refused to confirm his appointment for Surgeon General, leaving the U.S. without a chief medical doctor helping guide our response.  So we are making a bad situation worse by not acting soon enough or with enough resources.

If we can contain Ebola overseas, the threat remains there. Much more needs to be done. I encourage you to contact your Congress reps and let them now you want more action and less talk before this becomes a pandemic that spreads into the U.S.

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I have posted pictures I took of Syria before the civil war – and after.

Michael Fjetland
Global American Series
Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool

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