Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Americans Just Voted In the Party That Created the Gridlock. Now what?

Ironically, American voters just voted into control of the U.S. Senate and House the exact party that created the gridlock that cost those voters their income. Ironic.

The party that created the crash of 2008 and the Great Recession afterward is now in charge again.  When President Obama took office, on his first day on the job they pledged to sabotage his every request. How patriotic, to fight the new Captain after you just wrecked the ship. They did. And have for six years.  

Despite all that, Obama has created over 10 million jobs since taking office. He dropped the unemployment rate to under 6%. He was unwinding bad wars. The economy and stock market have been humming. And that wasn’t good enough for the voters?  He inherited a wrecked economy and trillion dollar deficits, unpaid for wars and unpaid for tax cuts—and without help from the GOP had bought a disaster back into a brisk 3% growth rate.  

It was the GOP that refused to pass a Jobs Bill or Minimum Wage increase that would have made people feel better and do better.  Because of the GOP tax policy, the economic growth has gone to the top 1% instead of the lower income people, many of whom voted for the Republican candidates Tuesday. 

Ironic.  Now what? 

Now that they have “control,” where are their SOLUTIONS?  How will Governor Greg Abbott make Texas roads better while cutting revenues? How will Texas education go from No. 49 to No. 1 by shortchanging funding for education when the courts have held it unconstitutional? How does a state that is adding 80,000 new students a year help education by not increasing the funding required to teach those students and funding for infrastructure such as roads to satisfy that growth?

How will a U.S. GOP Senate create jobs when it refused to fully fund the traditionally bipartisan Transportation Bills that would have created millions of more jobs?

That is the question ahead. Can they be trusted to focus on addressing America’s failure to invest in our own country’s people and infrastructure instead of power politics? We’ll see.

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