Sunday, November 16, 2014

America's Booming Hispanic Population and Diversity That is Coming to America

I just saw Stephen Stephen L. Klineberg with Kambrell Khambrel Marshall on Houston TV's Local 2 talking about Hispanics in Houston. He presented EXCELLENT facts, as always.

(1) Houston is the Most Diverse city in America. Within 20 years the rest of America will look just like us.

(2) We have about 1.6 million Hispanics in the Houston area.

(3) The ones coming from Mexico have a LOWER education than white kids in U.S.

(4) Hispanics coming from South America and Cuba have a HIGHER education level than White Kids in Houston! (Didn't expect THAT did you?)

(5) Only 6% of Hispanic kids graduate from high school college ready. yet 7=87% of their parents WANT their kids to go to college (hence need for pre-K, etc.).

All of these facts bring me back to my Global American values blog post yesterday on the need for immigration reform. Let's be honest, Americans won't do the low end jobs so we should issue work permits.
My personal example: On NASA Parkway I saw a service station and a tire store being built. How many white Americans do you think were standing in the rain yesterday pouring cement? NONE...



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