Sunday, July 5, 2015

Greek NO Puts Europe in "TWILIGHT ZONE - What Happens to US if Europe has a Meltdown?

The Greeks have voted NO to the European Union and IMF loan terms. Basically they said they backed a government default on their loan payment. 

We now enter the TWILIGHT ZONE for Europe. What happens to us if this leads to a MELTDOWN in EUROPE?

It can't be good, that is guaranteed. Germany has been demanding "Austerity only" policies that have cut Greece's GDP over 25%. Nearly 50% of their youth are unemployed. Had we followed it after the collapse in 2008 America would have been equally hurt.

The problem is that Greece doesn't want to reform to keep taking other people's money. And Europe doesn't want to move away from austerity that keeps people unemployed. What happens if this causes a European financial crisis that would then hurt us in the USA (it would cut the sales of American products and services into Europe).

Let's hope this does not trigger a 1929 - because China's overheated stock market is near meltdown on its own. If you throw in Greece and the  European Union instability, it would be impossible for the United States not to be impacted negatively as a result.

Stay tuned here for updates on this very chaotic, changeable situation that could engulf us all on a scale not seen in decades...

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