Thursday, July 23, 2015

IRAN NUKE DEAL - A Vote "NO" Means A War Worse than Iraq. YES Means No Nukes Over a Decade

                       4 minute video by who predicted 911 (on TV)

I was a TV terrorism analyst during the roll up to the Iraq war, on a Fox news channel no less. I argued against that war because I knew Saddam was not involved in 9/11.

No one listened. That invasion opened Pandora's Box, found no weapons of mass destruction, and cost Trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives. It created ISIS that threatens to take over a region that has fallen apart from the aftermath created by Bush's blunder.

Rather than learn from that experience I now see Americans being misled about Iran by the usual suspects (who supported war against Iraq) now opposing the Iran nuclear deal.  

Such rejection would guarantee a future WAR with IRAN, which I guarantee will be 100 times worse than Iraq.  I have done the research on it that I know ordinary Americans have not. 

Rejection of the deal means that the European sanctions would end and Iran would press ahead with full nuclear development. War would be inevitable.

In a military exercise in the Bush years, they simulated a mock war with Iran. They called it off after we lost over 20 ships including an aircraft carrier. We would lose more military personnel in 5 minutes than we lost in Iraq in 10 YEARS.  One aircraft carrier has over 5,000 personnel. We lost 4,500 in over 10 years in Iraq. 

See the difference?  I won't bother telling you about their supersonic missiles that overrun our radar when they hit a ship. Iraq was a midget. That's why Bush picked it instead of attacking Iran in 2003. Even he knew that we were screwed if we went into Iran because of the weapons they had back then. Iran held off Iraq and Saddam for 8 years of war!

Do you really have to get hit upside the head again for finally get it? Another war is NOT the answer, unless you are totally in favor of your kid being blown up on a ship in the Persian Gulf.

This nuclear deal needs to be approved, just like Reagan's nuclear deal with the Soviet Union was approved. Both unwind a march towards mutual destruction and open the door to diplomatic solutions.

If not, then get ready for another unpaid for war that makes Iraq look like a cake walk. Just don't come whining later that you were as surprised as you were by the mess in Iraq that is still spitting out evil because we were foolish and naive.

I have experience in this area to know. It's in "Better Times Ahead April Fool"  No one listened before. Guess who was right?

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