Thursday, October 22, 2015

Obama, Syria, Russia - WHY Europe Has MILLIONS of Refugees...Because of This

Europe is being besieged by over 10,000 refugees A DAY are flooding in a non-stop line, all hoping to land in Germany or England - or anywhere they can live without being killed in a civil Syria.

Some people think "terrorists" are coming. These are kids and families. And this short video clip shows why. It shows what President Assad is doing to his own country. These shots are Assad's tanks shooting into his own city. See what's left of the buildings...

THIS is why people are flooding into EUROPE!

Here is the link to an extended video.

I was in Syria on a kidnapping case, before this happened. I wrote about it in the chapter "Indiana Jones Never Tried This" in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - the streets I included in the photos no longer exist but piles of rubble. Ironically, when I was there, Lebanon was not safe but Damascus was; now it is the reverse. Here are a couple photos of the pre-war Damascus I saw...

Until we STOP the insane war in Syria, this flood of refugees will continue --all they way from their unstable neighbors to Europe and yes, to the United States!  

In a nation where we have to choose between a murdering dictator and terrorists like ISIS, with a few moderate fighters caught in between, it will take a American effort that will have to include a deal cut with Russia at this point. It is the only option left. 

Assad will have to stay, only to be replaced later on in some process. Otherwise, the millions of families will continue to flood our world. 

Which is worse? Dealing with Assad or ISIS? We need Assad just long enough to replace him....or the crisis will continue to overwhelm Europe and eventually the United State.

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