Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Would Americans Accept Living Like a Palestinian?

The violence in Israel once again raises the question: "Will it ever end?"
Let me ask Americans to look at it this way. Would any of you accept life if:

(1) Your son has murdered a man and two days later the authorities show up and bulldoze your house, putting an entire family homeless, as punishment? No court hearing or lawyers or appeals allowed.
(2) Someone just comes along and takes your farm and builds a settlement on it. No court appearance or appeal. Then you aren't allowed in that town.
(3) It is Illegal for you to own a gun, but the other side legally has the guns (tanks, etc.) 
(4) You have no job and no prospect of a job and thousands just like you are in their 20's with no hope for a better anything.  
(5) Some days the authorities prohibit young men of a certain age from going to a holy site, just because they want to. The rules change every day and you have no control over any of them.

So, how many of you Americans would live like that? And NOT protest? 

That is the life for Palestinians today. 

I support Israel and its right to exist but until there is also hope for Palestinians, the frustrations will continue to produce these awful acts of violence. Would Americans in that situation do any less?

Let's have an honest discussion about this - and find solutions because it won't fix itself. In fact, Israel is about to become a majority Palestinian country controlled by a minority. We saw that decades ago in South Africa. 

That is not where Israel wants to go to remain special.

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