Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mentality of ISIS and European/American Right Wing Nationalists - SAME. Violence & Fear

As I was watching the TV scenes of right wing Belgium nationalists -- who disrupted the Brussels memorial today -- it struck me. How similar it looked to a Donald Trump rally!

I am increasingly see similarities between the narrow ISIS mentality and right wing fascism. Each always has the same answer to disagreements:  resort to hate and violence. 

Consider this.  BOTH groups exclude everyone beyond their small group and mentality as "acceptable." I miss the old GOP that used to hate people from different country clubs. The hate has spread under the GOP of Cruz and Trump to nearly EVERYBODY--women, Hispanics, Black Lives Matter, Muslims, poor people, not to mention a black president who turned around the worst economy in over 70 years that he inherited. 

Another similarity.   Women are really disrespected by both ISIS and Trump.

Trump has called women "fat pigs" (WTF?); Mexicans are all "rapists" and only "some" (he assumes) are "good" people. (WTF is wrong with this guy?). He even mocked a disabled reporter, mimicking how he waves his hands (really a SICK thing to do Trump). 

It gets worse. The only other choice for the GOP nomination is a guy so hated by his cohorts in the U.S. Senate that Lindsay Graham once said "If someone shot Ted Cruz in the U.S. Senate and the jury was the U.S. Senate you would NOT get a conviction." 

Whoa!   That tells you how his fellow Republicans feel about Ted in the Senate. (Gov. Kasich is out of the game mathematically, needing over 100% of the reminder of the delegates to get a majority.)   

Cruz pretends to be religious while stabbing his "friend" Ben Carson in the back by claiming he was leaving the race right before a big state vote. Et Tu Brute?  This doesn't even take into account he cost us $24 billion shutting down the government over the "horrors" of people getting healthcare under Obamacare. (I met a lady on a flight who worked for the government at that time and they still had to go to work despite not being paid. That was bad enough but even lab research had to be destroyed because funding wasn't in play. It was nuts. Yet Congress reps like Cruz still got their checks during that shutdown.)

Ted Cruz "let's put police following all the Muslims" yet fails to see the irony that Hitler did that to Jews--guilty solely because of  religion.

 These men running for president debase what type of person should be considered "presidential."

The European right wing works just like Trump and Cruz. They didn't care that their acts disrespected fellow Belgians who had brought candles and flowers to the square  to quietly remember those killed. It was rude, loud and hateful.  They cared not about anyone beyond their small circle. That's the same problem with ISIS. They hate even other Muslims who are not like them.

I am done rewarding twits with poor manners and bad behavior. I am done with the indiscriminate killing by BOTH sides, be it Islamic radicals or right wing radicals. Don't forget American Tim McVeigh killed more Americans (168) in the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah federal building than anyone other than the 911 attacks.

I am so done with crude behavior by Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz, the dirty tricks and promotion of violence and hate. That is not the just, law abiding America our founding fathers envisioned. That is not genuine reasoned, adult solutions for America. These men will make things worse, not better.

Neither Trump nor Cruz deserve a single vote of a true American. They have none of the values of our founding fathers, who would be horrified that candidates for president debate about their penis sizes and gossip about each others wife, while hating on vast majorities of good Americans; while offering no rational solutions that would make America No. 1.

We can do much better. For America's sake, we better.

Michael Fjetland
Author, Agenda for American Greatness

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