Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump's Nomination Will Split GOP Into 2 Minority Parties - Neo-Fascist and Establishment. Dems WIN

If Trump gets the GOP nomination some analysts think it will cause the Republican party to split and we we will end up with 3 parties: 

(1) the Democratic Party 
(2) the Trump party, a neo-fascist personality cult, and 
(3) what's left of the GOP establishment (and the last Republicans moderate)....

This is what happens when a politician replaces the usual talking point "dog whistles" -- coded racist comments said in such a way only certain people hear it -- with direct appeals to racism, violence and anger -- and directs it at minority groups. Trump himself as said on the stage: "I'd like to punch that person" and has encouraged his follows to get physical against others, inciting the violence that he denies responsibility for after creating the bizarre atmosphere of a Smackdown Wrestling match.
Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's downfall; stoking German insecurities and fear into autocratic power for one strongman. Trump blames minorities and Muslims - same thing.

It wasn't true then and not true now that Jews, Muslims or minorities are responsible for a poor white guy with no skills and no education who can't get a job or find enough unskilled work to do.
You can't convince me Trump is anything other than another egomaniac autocrat who is willing to cross presidential red-lines by describing his private parts and announcing that people like Romney would "drop to their knees" to get the Donald's blessing if he demanded it.  Creepy.  

Trump's supporters anger is misdirected -- it should be aimed at this GOP Congress which has made sure from the day Obama took office that they were going to sabotage the normal operation of government ("to make Obama a one term president") and as part of that plan they weren't going to fund the normal bipartisan infrastructure jobs replacing pipes and replacing bridges that would give those guys a job. 

One example: The giant wind turbines being installed across America are being manufactured in EUROPE and CHINA. 

Why? Because CONGRESS refused to extend tax credits more than 1 year at a time during the past 7 years of Obama's term, until it finally passed a 5 year bill recently. Too little too late. Therefore, companies that could have been making turbines here could NOT because you can't build a factory and have it pay for itself in 1 year. Companies need the stability of a 5 year bill to make the substantial investment in a plant here to create jobs here. 

As a result and because of the GOP Congress American companies HAD to have the turbines made in foreign plants overseas, KILLING JOBS here. So, it has been the GOP as the JOB KILLER, NOT the President. 
In the meantime, Republicans Boehner and McConnell and Cornyn and Cruz were busy giving the high tech jobs and tax breaks to workers overseas who have those high tech skills, so they ship overseas with full tax benefits. (How companies and the 1% play fast and loose with special tax breaks globally, so they can hide TRILLIONS offshore, is detailed in "Agenda for American Greatness").

Trump's nomination, if it happens, will be the death of the GOP as a single party. 
The leftover GOP will then be one of two minority parties consisting of Trump and Tea party folks following him as a personality cult in one (the new version of the 1800's "Know Nothing Party") and the "establishment" types in the other. 

This is serious for yet another reason: Trump's trade war actions would cause a global economic disaster, just as Smoot Hawley tariff bill made the Great Depression go global in the 30's!  So those unskilled whites who think he would "help" them will find out he makes it worse, and that's before he has the media and all protestors arrested if not thrown on the ground for asking a question.
That will leave the Democratic Party as the one remaining dominant party and Hillary as the winner in 2016,  assuming it does not lose its mind and nominate Bernie Sanders who is as "pie in the sky" on the left as Trump is on the right.
This of course assumes that Bernie does not run a third party race after losing. If that happens then we enter into uncharted territory where, like the notations on the ancient sea maps, "Here be Dragons."  It will cause political chaos like never seen in the United States.

Stay away from the Dragons. (P.S. Russia and China are licking their chops at the prospect).

Michael Fjetland, Author
Better Times Ahead April Fool
Looking Back on the Future of America....
"Agenda for American Greatness"

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