Friday, April 15, 2011

GOP Throws Your Momma, Gran and Us Under the Train

This reckless bill by GOP Rep. Ryan, supported by the entire GOP would drastically reduce my mother's Medicare, and mine and yours too. Messing with my mom makes me really MAD. I've never heard her so worried as when we talked about this bill last weekend.

Ryan and the GOP just voted to toss Mom, Grandma and us Baby Boomers under the train. Under their plan, seniors get screwed and have to pay more for less - as much as $6,400 more a year.

This GOP vote violates a long-standing contract with Americans by our government to provide all Medicare required when we reach retirement (which isn't far off for me either). Instead, the GOP voted to turn us over to the real death panels: insurance companies who cut benefits and increase premiums at will. This is so wrong.

But what do you expect from a bunch of Republican millionaires who have gov't health benefits way beyond even my Mom's (and yours) Medicare...?

The care Rep. Giffords is getting, and the healthcare benefits the Paul Ryan's and other Congressional members get is not available to people like you and me! I think Rep. Giffords deserves to get that care. I think ALL Americans deserve to get that kind of care!

I don't see the GOP members voting today to give up THEIR gold-plated health care benefits in Congress! Do you?

They can afford to give theirs up. Many of these Congressmen are millionaires -- and even those who aren't are collecting hundreds of thousands or millions in fat checks from lobbyists and every Tom-Dick and Harry Corporation who wants a special favor or tax deal.

Most Americans can't afford to lose what they have, as modest as it has been. Medicare is what has protected older Americans after a life of service to their country. And this is how they are treated -- by people who never have to worry about getting first class care, or paying for needed prescriptions? This cruel vote pulls the rug out from under the average American.

I don't think Americans voted for this kind of extremism last November. Ask them - how many ordinary Americans would vote to give up THEIR Medicare benefits so an insurance company can deny them coverage for the care they need?

We'll find out in November 2012...

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  1. Friends,

    I recommend reading David Stockman's article in today's New York Times at

    The dismay he expresses is aimed at both sides of the budget debate and criticizes both for being too extreme and ineffective. If we would only listen dispassionately to our more rational thinkers, we might have a chance at economic redemption.

    Alas, our political system is hopelessly muddled by belief systems, distrust, and even hatred. Where is the rational middle? We are in danger of crumbling like the Soviets on alters of ideology by eschewing pragmatism and good sense.

    Michael, where do we go from here?


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