Friday, April 1, 2011

How a Bigot in U.S. Caused Beheadings in Afghanistan

Because a hateful bigot and misguided Minister in Florida burned a Koran in an act of religious intolerance -- and a rogue squad of American soldiers took photos of a teenage civilian they had killed for fun in Afghanistan as if he were a deer -- and their officers failed to take action to stop or even report it, an angry mob of Afghans today hit the streets, looking for Americans to kill in Afghanistan today.

Finding none, they beheaded UN staff, the only western symbol available. Innocent people died in Afghanistan today because of a nasty alleged "Minister" bigot in Florida, falsely claiming to be "Christian"... What was in their odd heads--and I'm referring to OUR idiots? This is so un-American and disgusting -- and not an isolated example of a plague we need to wipe out in America.

Yesterday over lunch, a friend of mine said he went to a restaurant to have dinner and a beer with his wife recently in the Spring area. He was well dressed in a white shirt. As he sipped a drink with his wife, he heard a white guy seated nearby, say quite clearly: "Ah, Mexican mafia is here!" It really hurt him. Yes, he is an Hispanic, someone I've known as an honest, decent family man for over 20 years.

My friend is an American military veteran! The sting of racism from an asshole white guy was visible on his face as he told his story, the first time he had ever shared such as thing with me. I've known him to be a successful, bright professional, whose sales are earning his employer over $1 million a year! Although he could have made an issue of it with that idiot, he didn't. His wife works for Spring school district and is regarded as a key employee.

Had I been there I would have told that white jerk (as a white guy sick of jerks like him) that he had just insulted an American veteran -- and that he either apologize or explain why he could wrongly make assumptions about people he didn't know.

This ignorant behavior needs to change. I'm sick of such low brain stupidity -- and ignorance that offends civilized nice people, who happen to be a different color, yet have served in America's military and worked like dogs to make a living for their family, and serve their employers.

It's the content of the character, not the color as MLK said, that really counts. Having been in over 50 countries and meeting all kinds of people, I know that to be true. There are good and bad in every culture. But we need fewer prejudiced jerks out there, killing people they don't know, or opening casting untrue negatives on people they don't know in a public restaurant.

America is better than that. America is better than the bigots who think they are better than others. If they did some traveling around the world would show these turkeys would see what I've seen -- how much we are all alike. I discovered when I was sent around the world as a young negotiator so many years ago...more of us need to do the same thing.

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