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Meltdowns, Hurricanes & Billionaires

Meltdowns, Hurricanes & Billionaires

1 April 2011

Global American Series

No April Fool -- This Week on Global American Radio…

Segment 1: From a Job Layoff to the Making of a Billionaire

How could a laid-off guy connect an American businessman to an African oil deal that ended up making BILLIONS in oil profits -- for the people he connected? It’s like an Indiana Jones/Beverly Hillbilly story sort of… (and an example how listening to the same guy behind the mike could make YOU rich -- or at least globally smarter, so you can impress friends if desired).

It’s another week of meltdowns from plants to dictators --to the NCAA. Why should we worry about the Libyan rebels more than the guy who killed over 200 Americans on Pan Am 103? Gadhafi’s Foreign Minister just defected from the guy who declared himself “king of kings” and is despised by the other despicables in the Middle East. And what can be done about Japan’s out-of-control reactors when its spewing radiation traces are turning up in 15 U.S. states from west to east –and in milk from our own cows in the U.S.?! The U.S. has 29 ships helping Japan. Are they near an unfolding Japanese Chernobyl?

Segment 2: Hurricane Forecast: 50% More Hurricanes in 2011!

Hurricane Experts predict “50% more Hurricanes in 2011. In 2008, IKE -- a mere 94 mph CAT 1 – blew out windows and power all the way from Houston to Ohio—causing over $5 million damage to one Houston building alone. What makes them building killers according to a Florida study? Hear about a space station executive’s odd experience with plywood before a storm would make even Charlie Sheen’s former bosses laugh. What is NASA’s procedure to prepare for a hurricane? We’ll tell you, but you won’t believe it. As the oceans warm, even a one half degree increase is raw meat for these heat-fueled monsters, making them stronger and more dangerous. CAT 2 and 3 could become the norm…

Segment 3: FOUND: Billions for Texas Budget. Couldn’t other States do this too?

The BAD News: Texas faces a mammoth deficit up to $25 BILLION. The GOOD News: I found a list of BILLIONS of potential revenue dollars that could dramatically cut our deficit with little or no “pain”! An example: Adding slot machines at EXISTING gambling sites in Texas would raise $2 BILLION! “State legislators are gutting education, and our future,” says the President of Texas Business Association, a former GOP lawmaker (and our guest next week). Think? GE makes $14 BILLION and pays ZERO?

Segment 4: President’s Energy Drive to Cut 1/3 by 2025: Enough to Avoid Future Oil Crisis?

Did you know that when you fill your car with gas from Saudi Arabia, some of your money going to Saudi is funneled to terrorist groups targeting the same Americans filling up?! Want to stop doing that?

The United States has NEVER had a “Strategy for Energy Independence.” While China executes its global strategy, Congress can’t see past 3-week “Continuing Resolutions.” The President’s goal to cut imports of oil by 1/3 in 2025 is a start -- but is it enough when China and India will add another 1 BILLION CARS by 2030? Have we hit global peak oil as an expert says? By 2028 Saudi will be consuming 8 million barrels a day INTERNALLY--oil it now exports! China’s investment in renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.) last year was DOUBLE that of the U.S. How do we lead from behind? Green jobs and renewal energy are the next economic driver worldwide. With a high jobless rate in rustbelt industries, how can we NOT invest in our own future and the next generation technology?

Find out more by tuning in to Global American radio Saturday, April 2 at 9 am Central time on Business 1110 AM, streamed on and Podcast 24/7 on (Click Favorite Programs and look for the above title “Meltdowns, Hurricanes & Billionaires…

P.S. The 10th Anniversary of 9/11 is this year. But something has gone wrong. A disturbing number of the kids commenting at the link below think 9/11 was a “hoax” or that it was done by the U.S. government! It’s just crazy what they say (The YouTube video has had over 680,000 views! It is a TV appearance I made in the 1991 Gulf War as a Mideast expert, predicting a future 9/11).

Please weigh in with your own comments! Set the record straight on behalf of our first responders and troops! But be more civil than I was. LOL.

Here’s the link:

On behalf of our troops and 9/11 responders, THANKS!

Michael Fjetland

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