Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Everything in BETTER TIMES AHEAD APRIL FOOL Book is Happening TODAY....

Doing too many things at once leads to doing nothing really well.

So I have found myself focusing on one thing - then switching to focus on another when I can or need to. In the past two days I have been in 3 counties and it was 85 degrees. By the time I was done, I'd walked a marthon, and looked 'rode hard and put up wet.'

I just switched over to being Webmaster for that amazing "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - adding the chapter titles at the TOP. They say it all. Keeping it SIMPLE is key.

Right now, like most of you, I'd prefer to be lying on my private island and deciding which restaurant to fly my seaplane to.  But then reality keeps interfering with that movie --as in the need to generate enough to put something into retirement since I am no longer the 40-something year old that still lives in my head.

So I need to sell a lot of security film and books to even buy a ticket to that island! LOL

What's important is that my business product is protecting people and property while my book describes how we got into this mess - and how we get out of it in a global, space age economy.

Everything I talk about in the final chapter "Agenda for American Greatness" is happening today, both here in the USA, Europe and Asia, etc. 

At least I have a plan for our future, unlike Congress...LOL. It's in Agenda for American Greatness.

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