Sunday, May 5, 2013

No Room on Texas Firefighter Memorial for new names...

There is no more room on Texas Volunteer Firefighter Memorial on the Capitol grounds for new names. This happens right after a dozen firefighters were killed in the West fertilizer plant explosion. 78% of Texas firefighters are volunteers, which is substantial. Details at this link.
This is very UNFORTUNATE. We need to raise $$$ to expand the Texas firefighters memorial in Austin for our fallen firefighters....Let's get it done after what happened at West.

The fertilizer company in West only had a $1 Million General Liability policy! Hell, my small company has that coverage - its required from our commercial clients -- and we don't store 270 TONS of ammonium nitrate on our property (NONE in fact)...
The policy should fit the risk. Texas needs to make some reforms....NOW.

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