Thursday, May 2, 2013

HOW DO WE FIX OUR ECONOMY? It's in "Agenda for American Greatness"


Spain just announced 27% unemployment - their youth unemployment is 50%. They, like Europe, have chosen the austerity path. Their economies are SHRINKING. Our Congress wants to follow their example, the same mistake FDR made in 1937 during the Great Depression.

The answer to that question is in the final chapter of my newly-released eBook "Better Times Ahead April Fool" – Documented with over 100 photos by author showing the last 30 years of global change as he personally took most of the photos in this insightful book.

The first 8 chapters are vivid - from growing up on an Iowa farm to global business experiences in nearly 50 countries, starting with a less than auspicious beginning when I was hired fresh out of law school by the notorious, infamous Brown & Root (now KBR). Shortly after my arrival they were indicted for price fixing and the company president shot himself. Things only got more interesting after that.  I was one of only 7 attorneys in the whole company. They wanted to move me to be the contract lawyer a naval base in Iran on the Persian Gulf -- just before it was overrun in 1979...

Then along came a white knight company (Dresser) that sent me to 30 countries in five short years -- including China, India, Brazil - all BRIC countries now (the fastest growing competitors to the USA).

Then I was laid off, along with tens of thousands of other people during the Great Texas Oil Bust. Even our former Governor went broke.  I had to invent a job due to the economy and my age.  The book's journal entries, written in far-off hotel rooms, give a unique view not seen in news accounts.

From then on, I focused on helping small American businessmen and women do what they wanted  anywhere in the world they wanted -- including a Seabrook Texas housewife who invented a ceramic Turtle to sell to tourists visiting from the cruise ships in the Cayman Islands. I helped set up her business. I took a small Texas video company to see the new Euro-Disney buyers (their park had a Western theme)  after it opened in Paris. But a big problem came up. To get to the meeting we had to get there from England by running a blockade--French farmers had blocked the roads and rail lines in France in a protest.  Being an entrepreneur had costs and a steep learning curve --I even ran out of money on one of my first international trips to three countries (Chapter "Broke in Bangkok").

These are some of the stories in the first 8 chapters over the last 30 years that will give you a global vision of the real world of 200 countries we must compete in to succeed in the 21st century. It’s updated with photos from 2013 -- for a startling country comparison you can see with your own eyes.

Look for yourself. Compare our technology to theirs! Compare our education to theirs. See what I've seen. Then my solutions should make sense to you.

It has been my global economic, business, political, security experience in all these countries in the past decades that provides the insights into the solutions presented in "Agenda for American Greatness."

America has fallen behind. But the good news is that we have the resources to get back to No. 1 again -- IF we have the WILL to do what it takes to do it.

It will take a SMART strategy. It will take a GLOBAL strategy -- we don't live alone on this planet. Being stupid in our policies and choices of action has profound economic and life-changing consequences --since that is what put us in this situation. 

Americans can't make intelligent choices if we are clueless about the real world (versus the pundit world) we are competing against. We can't afford to double down on disaster or voodoo economics.

We have a SKILLS GAP, and an education gap - but there is a formula to regain our national mojo in Agenda for American Greatness. The eBook chapter is the latest edition--the website version is FREE but its an OLDER version than the book...without reading the book, you won't know how the journey got there.

Details and links to Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble (at bottom)...

by Michael Fjetland

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