Sunday, April 27, 2014

Racism is Ignorant - the Racist Millionaire Moocher & the Rancher Moocher

Why are taxpayers subsiding stadiums for racist rich jerks? The taxpayers floating the notes for this monopoly owner include minorities of all kinds. Talk about a "moocher" who doesn't appreciate the folks who are making him rich (his players and taxpayers financing his Taj Mahal stadium).

I am tired of white trash like Sterling and Bundy making the rest of us whites who respect people of all colors look bad. If it weren't for minorities, the jerk Sterling wouldn't even have a team! 

Nevada rancher deadbeat who hasn't paid a bill for free grazing for over 20 years Bundy even slaps the face of our founding fathers when he says he "doesn't recognize the existence of the federal government."  That would be news to George Washington and Abraham Lincolin.

So we have lunatic racists as well as rich ones. And we know which party that attracts them like flies to crap.

The President, who has been a victim of much of the same attitude from the right and far far gar right, is right. 

Racism is ignorant.

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