Friday, April 25, 2014

The Devils Advocate. Sainthood for left and right by Pope Francis

In a few days two Popes will become saints.  One is considered "leftist" and the other is considered a"rightist" so the question Pope Francis faced was: "Do I look like I favor one side or the other?"

Francis chose to avoid that problem and decreed BOTH would become saints. Smooth move.

 I like this guy. I first saw the Vatican during a stop over from an overseas trip for my Fortune 500 employer in the 80's, then again in 2013 as the President of my own green security company (photos).

During its 2,000 year history when the Catholic church put up a candidate for sainthood the selection process always included one person designated to be the "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE."  You know what that is - someone making the contrary argument. It forces you to justify your decision.

 In our courts, we still listen to both sides before the judge or jury makes a decision. Imagine a court hearing where only one side presented its case. It's pretty obvious how that would turn out, right?

Pope John Paul II eliminated the requirement for the Devil's Advocate when deciding who would become a saint. As a result, there was a boom in sainthood's. The most saints in the entire history of the church were created almost immediately! In less than a decade sainthood was bestowed on more people than the entire prior 2,000 years of Catholic church history.  It cheapen the honor, don't you think? What if it never came up that the candidate for sainthood had been a child molester?

We still need a Devil's Advocate when we seek to judge those among us for the highest honors. I encourage Pope Francis to renew that tradition in the future.

I was raised in the Catholic church before being introduced to many other religions of the world between my travels and running for Congress. I have sat in Synagogues, Hindu temples, Mosques, etc.  I heard the same lecture in each - be good, pray. If you think that's wrong go see for yourself. At least I have witnessed it firsthand, unlike many commentators or talking heads on TV or radio.

I especially like the new Pope Francis. What a breath of fresh air he is!

 Honest. Simple. Humble. Not full of pomp and the red shoe thing. I think he is like the Abraham Lincoln/JFK of his kind.  He has a vision and yet a down to earth personality that has been missing in the top job for some time. Retired Pope Benedict (another first in church history to have a pope leave while still alive) was like the CEO that needed to step aside to save the company.

 Francis actually makes me feel, and others, that the church is back on the right path again - helping the least among us and not being hypocrites or ignoring sex predators in the confessional.

Rome and the Vatican are part of my Indiana Jones type true story
 "Better Times Ahead
April Fool?"
It is a global time warp  true life adventure story - rags to riches to rags...and back to riches--with a plan to make America No. 1 again in "Agenda for American Greatness"...

Congratulations to the new saints!

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