Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shooter Targets Jewish in Kansas - How About Some Global American Values instead?

It has just been reported that a man walked into a Jewish center and asked "Are you Jewish?" and if the answer was "Yes" he shot them. A teenager and an 70 year old woman are two of the dead.

My deepest condolences. This is another moron committing another hate crime. The man was reported saying "Heil Hitler" when arrested.

We have enough of this moronic intolerance couple with deadly force.

Global American Values is about tolerance and treating people with respect. Join me in making those your values. If you have a disagreement, put it in writing or video.  Flying bullets and dead bodies of innocent people makes you nothing but a murderer and a scumbag like the shooter in this horrible day in Kansas. This man deserves the same end for this crime as his hero Hitler.

Again, my deepest empathy to the families of those killed today.

P.S. WATCH OUT. The Ukraine crisis is heating up...and it DOES impact Americans.

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