Monday, June 2, 2014

Why Open Carry Makes Us Look Like the Unstable 3rd World Countries I've Negotiated In

Today there is a big push by groups for Open Carry of guns in Texas and America.

From what I have seen it makes America look like the 3rd World countries I have been in. It does the OPPOSITE of providing security. It makes everyone feel LESS secure. Imagine wanting a coffee in Guatemala or Paris next to these guys - but its America instead. i have flown into Bangkok after a coup had occurred. Now I see this here?

In "Better Times Ahead April Fool" I describe some wild and crazy and all true scenes from weird place around the world-- in over 50 countries the past three decades.

After each of those trips I always felt GREAT coming back to America after I had seen people with assault weapons staring at me as we drove past them in places like Bolivia and Nigeria.

If we let Open Carry pass it will make America look like Somalia (below). Then we are less secure.

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