Saturday, June 27, 2015

I am White and a Global American in a multi-cultural, shrinking world. Racists are the DUMBEST people on Planet

Now is a good time to have this discussion. 

I am a white American with global experience and I am disgusted by the racism I have seen towards minorities. It is time to change this moronic activity. The unwarranted shootings of unarmed black men in contrast to the docile arrest of a white man who had just murdered 9 people in a church tells the tale. 

Racism is not limited to color. Those who hate gays so much that they oppose their right to marry the one human they love also fall into that category. No one picks the color they are born. No one picks their sex at birth. No one picks their sexual orientation - its part of who you are when born.

It is time for those of us who are not gay or a minority to stand up for the rights of those who are. We live in a multicultural world. Get used to it! 

I have traveled and negotiated in over 50 countries and met many people very different from my world. I found that they are great people. I learned that as 'different' as we think we are, we are all very much the SAME. All people want respect, a good job and opportunity. All people want freedom and a good life for their children.

In my world-of-experience opinion white racists are the STUPIDEST humans on the planet. I even met some in South Africa who wanted to immigrate into the USA (its in my book). Hell, they can't even spell. Somehow they think the dumbest white person is smarter or better than a person of color. 

What they don't realize that in this new world of skills, the person with the best skills wins - regardless of color.  Being white (or any color) and a high school drop out is not going to be a winning strategy.

The white shooters who used assault weapons on 6 year old school kids or midnight movie-viewers are people with little schooling and low self esteem. They have anger issues and easy access to guns and social media, where they hear only what they want to hear.  The NRA makes it easy for the unfit to buy military grade weapons. What's next? Legal nukes?

We need to change that. These kids need a wake up call. What makes you great people is not your color, but your kindness to others and your positive contributions to society, like raising good kids and paying your taxes. 

We Americans can do better if we set a high standard of what it is to be an American.We are a diverse country - racism has no place in 21st Century America. The killings in the Middle East are a religious form of racism - thinking others are somehow "less" equal to others.

I propose that we all strive to be "Global Americans" as defined below. 

1. Global Americans welcome diversity and treat ALL people equally, and with respect.

    Show Respect to All People, Where ever you are. Be polite and courteous.
2. Focus on solutions - (we all know what the problems are).
3. Stay focused on world events - They WILL impact us, sooner or later (aka Pearl Harbor, 911). 
4. Global Americans recognize that we DO have a stake in the planet as the oldest democracy. We must set the gold standard for freedom, justice and equality ("All Men are Created Equal")
5. Global Americans realize that it is vital for our future to STRIVE for America to be No. 1 in education and technology in this high tech global, space age economy. Our future survival depends on it. Nor can we survive a dead planet if we ignore climate change.

Care to suggest a "Global American" value? Please do, here or at our Facebook page. Comments welcome. My story.

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