Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Was Charleston shooter a case of DOMESTIC Terrorism? YES says this Expert

As someone who has spent years on TV as a terrorism analyst (including 911), I see the Charleston shooting by Roof as classic case of intended domestic terrorism. The issue is what to do about it.

I see a PATTERN - young, white, high school drop-outs who can't understand why they are unemployed because they have no education. Instead of getting more schooling or  job skills they become dead brains seeking other dead brains on the Internet to blame someone else for their failures. These are the guys who won't believe that America has 3 million high tech, unfilled jobs because our companies can't find skilled people to fill them. These are the guys who could learn these skills if they tried.

Years ago I wrote of ring wing extremism as a bigger threat than ISIS in the USA. People weren't happy to hear it since it was against their stereotype (I encountered the same reluctance to hear when i spoke of a potential 911 for years before 911). Janet Napolitano was hounded after she released a study on right wing hate groups posing a greater threat in the U.S. than Muslim extremists.  

FACT: More people have died from young white guys with assault weapons in the U.S. than from any Muslim attack (or attacks by any minority). These include the Aurora theater shooting (killing 12, wounding 70), Sandy Hook (26 kids and teachers), Charleston (9 blacks) --to name a few. All fit the above profile of a white loser with easy access to guns, body armor, etc.

When this is coupled with the constant misinformation and fear-mongering against all minorities (Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, etc.) by the right wing media, it pushes some of these paranoid lost young men over the edge (women rarely act so stupid). I see this all the time when people have never traveled and never met others outside their tiny circle.

This is mindlessness against RACE. It's not about religion or Christianity. The Charleston shooters own words provide clear evidence that he hated black people specifically.  The strange part is that a friend of his who was interviewed on TV is black. He said on a PBS News segment I watched that the shooter talked of targeting a school, not a church.  Very strange, so mental state is an issue too. 

The problem is that these barely-educated-white-losers decide their color makes them "better" than other races. I have news for them: I've seen monkeys more intelligent.

These same losers and stay in their small Internet world of hate and are easily able to purchase military assault weapons.  Statstics show that makes the U.S. the most dangerous than every advanced nation in Europe and Asia. I have personally seen the U.S. become less safe as I traveled to over 50 countries the last thirty-plus years, thanks to the GOP and NRA policies.

 The NRA will make sure these people have access to the biggest weapons possible, whether or not they have a criminal record, are threatening their spouses or are mentally unfit. They will make sure that guns can be sold at gun shows without background checks. They are the best friends of the criminal class and these wing-nut young white men, who want those 30-round clips. You don't need a 30 shot clip for killing deer or turkeys, only people.

 I will explore this issue further in this Global American Values blog in the near future. Sign up if you want notification.


My experience in this area is detailed in my book "Better Times Ahead April Fool"

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